Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Haul: Sniff My Tarts Haul #2!

Sniff My Tarts is a fan-favorite vendors. Chunks are all the rage right now in the wax world. They got absolutely swamped with order from their December 1-2 (2012) sale, and I was one of the many, many people to place an order during it.

I got my first order a loooong time ago because, at the time, I was nervous about exact shipping rates. I placed an order for 8 scent shots (and received 16 because of the BOGO sale) that came in less than stellar condition. But, I got over it, because it all gets melted in the end, doesn't it?

Well, this order was placed either December 30th or 31st and I received it on May 29th or 30th; obviously this post is late, and it's because I wanted to let these things cure before I posted about them. I don't always do this, but SMT is definitely better when cured.

The turnaround time was 5 months, and it really doesn't bother me that much for a few reasons I will list:
  • They never gave any false information to me about my order (IE: said it was going to be done on X date, and then lied about it and never sent it out, which a few vendors have done both to me and to others), which is nice, but others did have issues throughout their order time.
  • They were always upfront that orders were taking a really long time to get churned out for customers. This shows that they were honest, but when people asked questions on their group page, some gals got their heads bitten off for simply asking questions. Not cool, but I didn't have this issue.
  • I did get pretty pissed when a different vendor kept telling me my order was almost done, then done, then she was busy, then she was just finishing, then she abruptly closed the business for personal/work issues and took almost 2 weeks to issue refunds and we kept having to harp on her about it [I know of at least 5 other people in the same boat], but that was the only time I've ever gotten really upset about an order. I wasn't upset here, but now that I am melting through this order and seeing some inconsistencies from my first one, I don't know if I just like to convince myself that it's worth the wait while simultaneously being paranoid, or I just forget and then get a surprise package.
  • I liked their products the first time around, *EDIT* but won't wait 5 months again. As I mentioned above, melting through my items, I have found some consistency issues with throw and general scent. I am a bit disappointed.
So, there's my take. Now, onto the haul! I know this is a few months late, but I wanted to release the post when I could actually melt the scents. I won't do it again, I promise. ;)
This is a sample. A SAMPLE. It's as big as my hand! The scent is peppermint mallow smoothie, which I am grateful for because I am running seriously low on peppermint scents. Creamy and minty!
My other samples! Here we have coffee orange danish (I have a history with SMT's coffee scents...ehhhh), a mystery cup, orange marshmallow something, ice cream scoop bread serendipity smoothie, and cookies & cream (which I didn't like, unfortunately, but I am grateful for the samples!).
So adorable!
I like shapes, so I ordered little grubby pie type things in Circus Concessions, Pink Sugar Baby (LOVE), and Camp Fire Dessert Latte (not a fan, too chocolatey).
Again with the shapes! I ordered stars in Pink Sweet Cream (which people swore wasn't milky, and I shouldn't have gone against my gut because I know I wouldn't like this), Willow's Cuppy Cake (a fan favorite but not my type of scent), and Pink Vanilla Butter Fudge (so, so good).
Samplers!! I got a pink sugar sampler, a fruity sampler, and a bakery sampler (what was I thinking? LOL).
The Bakery sampler includes:
  • Amish Friendship Bread: just okay, not my favorite. Very bready.
  • Lemon Bundt Cake: this smells like fruity pebbles to me, which I love.
  • Raspberry Turn Over: a bit floral, but nice.
  • Birthday Cake: sweet and buttercreamy.
  • Pumpkin Cream Brulee: very good, very spicy!
  • Sugar Cookie: fabulous sugar cookie scent.
The Fruit sampler includes:
  • Keylime: without the pie in this, it smells awesome. Love it.!
  • Grape: I've said before I didn't like grape, and it's true here too. I think Rosegirls is the exception.
  • Green Apple: a sour apple, really enjoy this, will be good on its own or in a blend.
  • Fruit Slices: just okay, some sort of fruit in this I don't like, but otherwise it's fine.
  • Honey Dew: love! Very strong on cold sniff.
  • Blackberry: too floral for me.
The Pink Sugar sampler includes:
  • Pink Sugar Baby: slightly clean, but I love it. Snuggly.
  • Pink Serendipity: so good.
  • Pink Sweet Candy: unfortunately, I don't like this one. I don't know what "sweet candy" is, but I've never liked it from any vendor.
  • Pink Cotton Candy: very nice scent!
  • Pink Marshmallow: love this one, creamy and I like this pink sugar in this scent.
  • Pink KeyLime: this was way too crusty for me.
Finally, some two-packs of grubby tarts in Serendipity Marshmallow Smoothie, Sticky Pink Serendipity, and Peppermint Sticky Pink Serendipity, all of which I love. They make a mean serendipity!

Have you tried Sniff My Tarts? Let me know what you love from this vendor!


  1. Ouch...honest info or not, good products or not, five months is a ridiculous turn around time and I won't even bother with shops that have long TATs. And as everyone knows by now, I'm the one who will voice such opinions. :)

    Having said that, everything you got looks fun and yummy though!


    1. I conpletely agree with you. 5 months is ridiculous. They had a sale that had no caps at all, and people ended up buying hundreds of dollars of wax. The only reason I don't mind it because of surprise packages. I truly am a 5 year old, LOL. I am much less impressed with my second order than my first. :/

    2. *completely, stupid phone. :P

  2. Great haul TAT too long for me but enjoy.

    1. I agree, I won't be buying again until they get their TAT under control. Thanks for reading!


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