Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Review: Candles from the Keeping Room's Lime Leaf & Lily

As I get older, I feel as though I grow less and less tolerant of overtly sweet stuff in the air "just because." In wax, it doesn't seem to bother me, but like perfume? Someone else's food? General life situations? Call me Ebeneezer, but dang, something in my nose craves cleanness!
Lime Leaf & Lily from Candles from the Keeping Room is just about perfect.
It's strong, green, fresh, and amazing. It kind of, sort of smells like a non-alcoholic margarita lime, almost.
The sweetness here is from the lime, which is bright and fragrant.
The "leaf" isn't one that you'd smell that's grassy or dirty, it's just...clean!
I really love this scent. I would have never thought about something like this, and to tell you the truth, this specific scent is what opened the "weird clean scent" door for me in wax, truly!
If things, in this instance lime, can be added to green or fresh scents to combine and make something this amazing, I'm all for it.
This single little tart lasted a whopping 12 hours, and it would of kept going, but we needed to go to sleep.
It's clean enough for laundry day, but bright enough on its own to be melted any time. Another home run from Carol!

Candles from the Keeping Room's Lime Leaf & Lily
Cold Rating8/10; super strong on cold sniff, even for paraffin. You get a very green note behind this lime infused tart.
Lit Rating9/10; so very, very good! Very strong, fragrant, nice mix of fruit and greenery.
Throw Rating8/10; Solid throw, even in a bigger room like the kitchen. Clean and green scents tend to be on the stronger side in the kitchen anyways, but this was welcomed strength!
Overall Rating8/10; love this scent, can't wait to buy more. Want and need for a margarita. Clean scent in the morning, pick-me-up scent in the afternoon, refreshing by night!

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