Thursday, August 15, 2013

Review: Sniff My Tarts Lemon Bread Serendipity Marshmallow Smoothie

Do you like milkshakes?
Do they, in fact, bring all the boys to the yard?
When I hear the word "smoothie" in wax when paired with words such as "creamy," "marshmallow," "fluff," or any other light, airy word, I automatically assume "milkshake," "not smoothie."
Smoothies have fruit.
Milkshakes have marshmallows.
Am I crazy?!
As I have documented thoroughly on this blog, I AM NOT a fan of zucchini bread in wax. It smells like corn chips and/or cigarettes. ICK.
Bread bread, though, is fine, so long as I melt it in the kitchen (I know, it's an association thing).
Lemon Bread Serendipity Marshmallow Smoothie from Sniff My Tarts not only gives a citrus twist to this wonderful scent, but also gives it that bready scent as well. The bread isn't overwhelming by any stretch of the imagination, it just gives this scent some much needed variety, as serendipity can be overpoweringly gnawing. This is just a nice bakery scent with lots of pizzazz. If you like SMT's serendipity marshmallow smoothie and like lemon or bread, chances are, you'll dig this! It's very strong, too, on cold sniff and while warming!

Sniff My Tart's Lemon Bread Serendipity Marshmallow Smoothie
Cold Rating7.5/10; pretty strong on cold sniff, and you get all of the notes individually, too!
Lit Rating8/10; great scent for the kitchen, it makes it smell like you've been baking some sort of delicious concoction all day.
Throw Rating8/10; awesome throw in the kitchen made for a happy and bright smelling household.
Overall Rating8/10; a great scent made even better with the addition of lemon and a slight bread scent. Delicious lemon bread recipes. House smells like baking.


  1. Wait...milkshakes are made with marshmallows? I did not know this - but I don't really make myself milkshakes. I agree about the Smoothie thing though. I associate smoothies with fruits.

  2. Milkshakes don't necessarily have marshmallows, though I've had some with them in the past. Maybe that's why I made the leap, lol!


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