Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sale Alert: Up The Creek Scents!

Hi all, I have a sale to report!

I got an email last night from Up The Creek Scents saying that she was going to be reopening for 1 DAY ONLY, 24 HOURS ONLY, on August 22, 2013!

I have enjoyed her products, and this sale seems to include loaves, tart brittle, and heart tarts!

Anywho, buy from her one day only reopening if you want! WOOHOO! :D

Visit her website here:


  1. oh dear. one of my two hands that I was sitting on just got loose....

  2. only a few hours left! i'm so excited! the only thing i have from UTC is 2 scoopables & i need MORE!

  3. Thanks for the sales alert...I'm going to go take a peak! :)

    1. Did you end up getting anything? :)

    2. I ended up passing it tempting though!


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