Sunday, August 4, 2013

Project Wax #2, Update #4!

Hi all! Happy weekend! I did a lot of melting this week, and it's getting close to the Rosegirls opening. Any of you plotting orders? Here's an update on my Project Wax box!
Crabby Candle Co.'s Pink Dunes: 9/10, INCREDIBLE dupe for Pink Sands from Yankee Candle! WOW! The strength of this was unbelievable, it traveled throughout the house! Loved it!
Tara's Candle Cottage's Vanilla Bean Noel: 8/10, very strong, great dupe, more caramelly notes than some, which is surprising because VBN is already caramelly! Would repurchase!
Can-Do-Candles Apple Cinnamon: 7/10, great strength, the apple was a bit more floral than other apple cinnamon tarts I have tried, but the cinnamon note was good, so they balanced each other out quite nicely. Apple was more prominent that cinnamon, though.
Rosegirls Hazelnut Macadamia Cappuccino: 3/10, unfortunately, there was no cappuccino in this, and there was also hardly any throw, unless you stood right on top of the tart. It pretty much smelled like nuts. Bleccchh, not my favorite blend anyways, but the weakness sent me over the edge.
Haley's Heavenly Scents Raspberry Zinger: 7.5/10, nice scent, a bit more buttery than I would have liked, perhaps from the coconut note in this, but overall awesome scent. I liked it, and it did smell like a zinger. YUM! Look, it matches the wall!
Lasting Scents Candles Vanilla Ice Cream Cone: 6.5/10, this is basically what Coldstone smells like inside, delicious waffle cones and sweet vanilla creaminess. The throw could have been better, IMO, but nice scent.
JLCCW's Pink Sugar Serendipity + Sniff My Tart's Sweet Lavender Marshmallow Cake Serendipity Marshmallow Smoothie: 6/10. WHAT A TONGUE TWISTER. Alone, the JLCCW scent is a 7.5/10, and the SMT scent is a 6/10. Together, I didn't like them. Too sweet, hardly any lavender, and the cake note was not my favorite. Meh.
Rosegirls Invigorating Lavender Peppermint: 8.5+/10, finished the bag! Amazing throw, super nice mix between herbal lavender and potent peppermint, perfect for nighttime melting, just wonderful. Will always repurchase.
The Scented Princess' Sweet Diamond Rose: 8.5/10, AMAZING blend of pink sugar, cotton candy, and sweet tooth! Very strong on the cotton candy front, sweet tooth makes this extra indulgent. LOVE!!
Candles from the Keeping Room's Country Chic (type): 7.875/10, I couldn't decide between 7.5 and 8/10. This was a great dupe, and I think I am liking perfumey scents the older I get. This was nice, slightly floral.
Heavenleigh Apothecary's Lemon Poppy, Wildberry Mousse, Vanilla Bean Noel: 5.5/10, something was very astringent in this and turned me off scent wise. Not a fan, but it was creamy. Meh.
Haley's Heavenly Scents Candy Cane Noel: 5.5/10, I melted this a different day than the scent above, but got that same astringent smell from it. It was okay, but something about the combination of these scents wasn't nice.
Sweet Fixations Serendipity Cake: 6/10, almost no cherry, mainly coconut and cake, but I liked it! Medium high strength, just sweet enough for me.
Tara's Candle Cottage's Iced Cinnamon Rolls: 3.5/10, slight iced smell, but mainly just an unpleasant cinnamon type of scent. Not a fan.
Tiffany Candles Melon Ball Fizz (an extra tart added after the photo was snapped): 7.5/10, amazing fruity summertime scent, LOVED this. Slight effervescence, but mainly a tropical type of melon-fruitiness.
Niki's Wax's Rainbow Mix: 7/10, medium high strength, this smells like skittles! I got this from Karen, and like it a lot. It looks pretty before melting, but melts to an icky brown color, LOL!
Lasting Scent Candles Lemon Scoop: 7/10, this smells like vanilla ice cream cone, but with lemon added. Super bakery, nice scent, very creamy and yet waffley at the same time.
JLCCW's Nana's Kitchen: 10/10, FABULOUS!! A cinnamon, nutmeg, cakey scent, but more than's an amish quilt/celtic moonspice type of scent as far as spice is concerned, with hints of cake. Yum, yum, YUM!!
K's Kreations Alex's Rainbow: 9/10, ermahgerd, amazeballs! It smells like blue sherbet...LOVE this scent! You NEED to check this scent out if you like fruity scents This is also the scent Kathy, the owner of K's Kreations, named in honor of her son, who was taken from this earth all too soon.
Candles from the Keeping Room's Strawberry Noel: 9/10, such a great scent. I had perviously given this about a 6.5/10, but I am revising my rating because it's that good. Strong, great scent, very!

Not photographed
The Bathing Garden's Cinnamon Frosting (finished clamshells): 5/10, I have reduced my original thoughts on this...something about it rubs me the wrong way. I don't care much for it, but some who like the buttercream notes more prominent the spicy notes will enjoy this.

Streetman Candle Co.'s Muscadine: 7/10, a really great grape scent! Josh picked this and the throw was a medium high, not an icky, medicinal grape, but a fresh, almost earthy one: sweet and tender. Nice!

Haley's Heavenly Scents Pink Peppermints (finished 6 pack): 7.5/10, a nice representation of the scent, medium-high strength in throw, cold and warm, heavier on the peppermint. Liked this a lot!

Sniff My Tarts Cookies & Cream: 4/10, a really cute Oreo shape, but unfortunately, though this was sweet, it had that artificial chocolate scent that I don't like. Melted this only 2 hours before I dumped it.

The list, plus some scents I've already melted from this week:

Ava's Country Cupboard
-I Dream in Pink (3 scallop tarts)* (one tart swapped out with LSC's candy cane kisses due to horrible scent)
-Mulled Cider (6 gingerbread men)
-Sleigh Ride (1 tree tart, large) (I can't find this. It literally disappeared. I'veadded so much other unnecessary stuff in my project that I feel okay leaving it out).

Candles From The Keeping Room (all one tart unless otherwise noted)
-Bamboo and Ginger [tester]
-Blonde Moment
-Cinnamon & Spice (4 3 pie tarts)
-Coconut Cabana
-Coconut Extreme
-Coconut Milk & Lavender (4 3 tarts)
-Country Chic [tester]
-Cranberry Bundt
-Fresh Picked Strawberry
-Green Irish Tweed
-Key Lime Cheesecake (1 large heart)
-Kiss and Tell
-Lavender Noel Zucchini (1 large heart)
-Lemon Noel
-Pink Fruity & Bright [tester]
-Poison Pie
-Strawberry Dew
-Strawberry Noel
-Sugar Cookie Noel
-Sugared Vanilla Shortbread
-Sun and Earth
-Sun and Sand
-The Keeing Room (one huge paw print tart)
-Tropical White Musk
-Vanilla Bean Noel Fluff

-Apple Cinnamon (1 tart)
-Cinnamon Spice (1 tart)
-Donna's Pink Pound Cake (1 tart)
-Pink Sugar Beans (1 tart)

Crabby/Dutch Candle Co.
-Bliss (scent shot)
-Pink Dunes (scent shot)
-Pink Noel (scent shot)
-Queen Victoria (scent shot)
-Sweet Jasmine (scent shot)

Daphne's Divine Scents and Aromas
-2 small chunks in Loopy 7up Pound Cake
-2 small chunks in Pistachio Pudding Cake

Front Porch
-Blueberry Serendipity (1 tart)
-Lime Cookies (1 tart)
-Loopy Serendipity (4 tarts)
-Marshmallow (1 tart)
-Pink Peppermint (4 2 tarts)
-Pink Peppemint (shaveable wax, 1/2 way used, 8oz left)
-Pink Peppermint (squirty wax, 3/4 of the way full, about 6oz left)
-Pink Serendipity
-Pink Wildberries (4 tarts)
-Pumpkin Spice Cake (1 tart)
-Serendipity Peppermint (4 tarts) (Ew, I hate this blend. It doesn't go well at all. I melted 1 tart and am switching out the other 3 for 2 sniffin' stix from K's Kreations in Alex's Rainbow, plus 1 cupcake from SMT in Pink Keylime)
-Wildberry Marshmallow (1 tart)

Granny's Kountry Candles
-Oooey Gooey Smore's (1 smore's shaped melt)

Haley's Heavenly Scents
-Autumn Pear (scent shot)
-Blue Cotton Candy (scent shot)
-Candy Cane Noel*  (addition in place of Yankee candle that got thrown away)
-Candy Corn (scent shot)
-Harvest Spice (scent shot)
-Pink Peppermints (6 5 4 2 scalloped tarts)
-Raspberry Zinger (scent shot)
-Snowman Balls (scent shot)

Heavenleigh Apothecary
-Lemon Poppy, Wildberry Mousse, VBN (1 smiley tart)
-Sugar Cookie Crunch Fruit Loops (3 cubes chunks of wax)

Jack Be Nimble Candle Creations
-Georgia Summers
-Lime Basil
-Mango Tangerine

Jaimie Lauren Cupcakery and Confections in Wax (JLCCW)
-Apple Butterscotch Cake (1 tart)
-Gourmet Sugar Cookie (heart melt)
-Legally Blonde (1 bread loaf tart)
-Nana's Kitchen (1 tart)
-Pink Sugar + Serendipity (1 disc tart)
-Serendipity Jaimie (1 tart)

K's Kreations
-Alex's Rainbow (2 Sniffin' Stix)
-Buttercream (1 tart)
-Eskimo Kisses (1 tart)
-Puckered Up (1 bag of brittle, 8oz)
-Sea Island Grapefruit (1 tart)
-Wild Bliss (1 tart)

Lasting Scent Candles
-Almond Rum Cake
-Blackberry Cotton Candy
-Candy Cane Kisses*
-Lemon Scoop
-Pink Sands
-Sweet Snow* (addition in place of Yankee candle that got thrown away)
-Sweet Vanilla Pound Cake
-Vanilla Ice Cream Cone

Molten Melts
-Chicks Dig It (scent shot)
-Pink Lemonade (scent bar)
-Wicked Watermelon (scent shot)

Pics, Petals & Scents
-Afternoon Delight (1 hello kitty tart)
-Berry Creme Brulee (2 star tarts)
-Blackberry Jam Biscuits (1.70oz whipped wax sample)
-Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Scoop Bread (1 tart)
-Lemon Frosted Birthday Cake (1.75oz whipped wax sample)
-Pineapple Paprika (1 tart)

-Fairy Woods (1 chunk)
-Hazelnut Macadamia Cappuccino (1 chunk)
-Invigorating Lavender Peppermint (4 2 chunks)
-Macintosh Swizzle Sticks (1 chunk)
-Summer Lovin (1 chunk)

Sniff My Tarts
-Camp Fire Dessert Latte (1 pie tart)
-Cookies & Cream (1 cookie tart)
-Pink Keylime (1 cupcake)* (addition)
-Pink Sugar Baby (1oz. cupcake)
-Sweet Lavender Marshmallow Cake (scent shot)

Streetman Candle Co.
-Blueberry Fritter (scent shot)
-Cherry Chapstick (scent shot)
-Chocolate Covered Banana (scent shot)
-Fresh Baked Bread (1oz. scent shot)
-Island Grapefruit (1oz. scent shot)
-Lavender Sheets (scent shot)
-Muscadine (scent shot)
-Pink Pomegranate (chunky monkey, 5oz)
-Summer Days (1oz. scent shot)
-Wake Me Up! (1oz. scent shot)

Sugar & Spice Gourmet Soy
-Strawberry Tres Leches Cake (scent shot)
-Waikiki Shores (scent shot)

Sweet Fixations
-Butterscotch Ice Cream (1 tart)
-Cotton Candy Frosting (1 tart)
-Pink Lemonade (1 tart)
-Serendipity Cake (1 tart)

Tara's Candle Cottage
-Iced Cinnamon Rolls (1 tarts)
-Peeps (1 tart)
-Simply Clean (1 tart)
-Vanilla Bean Noel (1 tart)

Tiffany Candles
-Blonde Moment (1 teddy tart)
-Caribbean Escape (1 tart)
-Lemon Pound Cake (1 teddy tart)
-Loopy Verbena (3 2 tarts)
-Melon Ball Fizz (1 teddy tart and 1 scalloped tart)
-Pink Marshmallow (1 tart)
-Raspberry Lemonade (1 teddy tart)
-Satsuma & Strawberry (1 teddy tart)
-Sweet Orange Chili Pepper (1 teddy tart)

The Bathing Garden
-Blackberry Jam & Lemon Curd (3 cubes of a clamshell)
-Cinnamon Frosting (5 2 cubes of a clamshell)
-Lemon Curd & Rose Milk (2 cubes of a clamshell)
-Serendipity Cream Pie (4 cubes of a clamshell)
-Vanilla Layered Strawberry Kiwi (6 4 2 cubes of a clamshell)

The Scented Princess
-Absolutely Fabulous Cake Serendipity (2 large scalloped tarts)
-Jena's Frosty Mint Bean (scent shot)
-Pink Sugar Pina Colada VBN (2 1 large scalloped tart)
-Serendipity VBN Fruity Rings (2 large scalloped tarts)
-Sweet Diamond Rose (1 chunky tart, large)

Two Timing Tart
-42 (3 lips)
-Daydreamer (3 lips)
-Frankly, My Dear (3 lips)
-Hedonistic Self-Indulgence (3 lips)
-Sex Kitten (6 4 cubes of a clamshell)
-Still Not Ginger (6 cubes of a clamshell)

Random Vendor Tarts (only 1 of each vendor)
-Aunt Nena's: Nilla Wafers
-Faerielane Fragrances: Sweet Sprite (scent shot)
-Fire Bling Candles: Pink Sugar (6 5 cubes of a clamshell)
-Lenea's Wax Creations: Honeysuckle Plumeria (3 small tart shapes)
-Leslie Leshay Candles: Cucumber Melon (1 teddy tart)
-My Candle Box: Sweet Lavender Mallow (2 flower tarts)
-Niki's Wax: Rainbow Mix  (4 2 oz. cubes)
-Scarlet Raine: Strawberry Passion (2 small strawberries)
-Sugar Pie Scents: Cactus & Sea Salt (scent shot)
-Ten Digit Creations: Pear & Vanilla Bean (1 tart)
-Up The Creek Scents: Pink Sugar (scent shot)

Week 1 = Red
Week 2 = Green
Week 3 = Blue
Week 4 = Purple
Week 5 = Orange


  1. just got a six pack in raspberry zinger from HHS & mine smells nothing like that. Maybe mine got mixed up or labeled wrong

    1.'s entirely possible that she sent you the wrong thing! Perhaps it needs to cure a bit? Maybe you should reach out to Janet and tell her you're not sure!

  2. You are almost there! Great job!!

    I just spent 30 minutes going through all your Streetman posts getting ideas on scents. I also ordered both of their spices :)

    Nana's kitchen sounds like something I HAVE to have this fall!

    1. What did you end up getting from Streetman?! I love Heather's stuff, her new wax formula is even better than her previous one. She tweaked it a bit!

      Thanks! I'm trying so hard to finish! :)

      Nana's Kitchen is amazing! I hope you get to order from JLCCW when she's done with her orders from the Autism sale, I think you'll love her wax!


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