Thursday, January 31, 2013

Haul: The Happy Little Bee Haul #1

The Happy Little Bee is a newish Etsy site that sells wax clamshells and scent shots! Yay for new vendors! Well, I heard that they were going to be in the upcoming February Simply Sensational Sampler box, so I checked them out. Their prices were fairly reasonable, so I placed a tiny order to get a feel for this company! Follow me!
This is the package I received; on it, the owner, Debbie, wrote "Fragile, Love Inside" on the envelope! How cute, huh? I just had to share that with you all, it totally made me smile. :)
Her packaging is SO FREAKING ADORABLE, yellow and black, like a little bee! The curled ribbon was a cute touch, too. I loved this, and it is also good to note that everything was tightly secured because of the ribbon as well! (Ignore the box, that was from a different order)
Here is her business card and the note she left me in my package. She did include a few extras for me, which was super sweet. As always, we wax fiends do not expect freebies or extras, but we do enjoy them when we get them! Completely unrelated to this order, Debbie, if you happen to be reading, I like your handwriting. :)
Let's start with the freebies, shall we? She sent me scent shots in Hawaiian Mist (one I was debating back and forth about getting, but opted not to), Cherry Popsicle (Josh's favorite of the entire package), and, wait for it, FRESH DILL PICKLES. I actually ordered this one, so I am excited to try it! YAY! 
*Also, please note, as per her Etsy page, while her scent shots are in 2 oz. containers, her scent shots are between 1.25-1.50 oz. full. This is not a problem because I knew about it ahead of time, I just wonder if maybe the owner would want to save herself money and get smaller containers? I think the larger ones are more expensive! Lasting Scent Candles uses smaller containers (not as deep), I believe (they are obviously smaller than the 2 oz. cups), so they do make them somewhere. I'd hate for start-up company to get lots of complaints because customer don't always read the descriptions well!
This is the only clamshell I got in my order and it is in the scent Honey Almond. You get both the honey and almond notes, yet they aren't super strong, I'd say a 5.5/10 on cold sniff. I am going to let these cure, but I did read somewhere on her page that this is a light scent. Totally fine by me, I want to enjoy Honey Almond as a background note most of the time, not as something that will punch me in the face with strength. Also, her little bee logo is adorable!
Here's my 6-pack in all its glory! From left to right, top to bottom, we have: FRESH DILL PICKLES!!! (so excited to try this weird, unique scent!), Buttered Popcorn (yet again, another unique scent), Orange Buttercream Cupcake (very, very lovely), Blackberry Jam (pretty nice), Doctor Pepper (smells more like the chapstick than the soda), and Cinnamon Apples (you can't go wrong with this scent). I am super excited to try these out, but I will let them cure at least 2 weeks before I melt them.

Hope you enjoyed my haul! She's only got a limited amount of scents on her Etsy page right now, but I think I got the best of them all! Unique, different scents is what I'm up to trying these days. Also, visit her Facebook page by clicking the link right here!!


  1. Thanks for the review! I was getting some traffic from your blog....and decided to check it out and find out why!

    The note on the envelope HAD to have been my daughter!! Awww.....She tries to help mommy as much as she can.

    I am in the process of changing my scent shots to different containers once I sell through my current stock.

    The Honey Almond is a light scent. I like it that way, but let me know if you think it needs to be stronger. I melt that one in my bathroom quite a bit.

    Thanks again!!

    1. Hi Debbie, I can't believe people starting checking out your site because of my blog, how cool! :)

      I just love the envelope, it was such a sweet touch! Thank your daughter for me!

      Did you happen to get smaller scent shots as opposed to the ones you use right now? I am glad you are changing them, as I was under the impression the 2oz. cups were more pricey! Anything that saves you money, right? :)

      Also, I am glad Honey Almond has a lighter throw...sometimes scents with honey are very overwhelming! I am looking forward to it, and I will do a review on it when I get to melting!

      Thanks for reading my blog, have a wonderful weekend!

  2. lol Fresh Dill Pickles?? I'm not sure if I can get into that one... Debbie that's definitely unique!!

    You should definitely let me know how these throw!! I am dying to try Happy Little Bee OUT!! I've heard great things! <3

    1. I KNOW!! I was floored when I saw it on her site...I just had to get it and review it, LOL! Unique is the way to go. :)

      I think I'll give them about a week cure time, melt one, and then see if I should let them cure longer. I will definitely let you know!


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