Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Review: Rosegirls Orange Danish and Ice Cream Scoop Bread

Along the same lines as sugar cookie dough bread, what the heck IS ice cream scoop bread?! Where do vendors come up with these wacky ideas for breads?? I don't know what they are, but I want them now.
I started this at 12:10pm and it lasted until 1:30pm THE NEXT DAY. This scent was so strong, so delicious, so amazing. The orange danish smelled flaky, fresh, and citrusy, and when combined with the creamy ice cream note and bready undertones, it came together to create something really fantastic. There were two fairly small-medium chunks in this baggie from my sampler, so I just plopped both of them in, and boy, am I glad I did...I think that's why it lasted so long! If you want to/get to/feel compelled to order from Rosegirls, DEFINITELY give this one a try...it's amazing!

Rosegirls Orange Danish and Ice Cream Scoop Bread 
Cold Rating: 7/10; I can truly smell each note individually: orange danish, ice cream, bread...this one is fairly strong on cold sniff!
Lit Rating: 8/10; amazing! Just great! Creamy, orangy, bready, sweet.....everything in this was to die for. Really solid scent!
Throw Rating: 8/10; the throw on this bad boy is outstanding! I could smell it all the way out on the patio. Just fantastic.
Overall Rating: 7.5/10; overall, a great fruit-bakery scent. I have been so impressed by 'chunks' from both Rosegirls AND Sniff My Tarts! Chunks might be the way to go...I just wish they would allow us to have 4oz. bags still, 8oz. is a big commitment (everything you've seen reviewed from RG has been from a sampler box, but in order to get a scent you like, you have to buy them in 8oz. chunk bags for $9 a piece), especially if you end up not liking a scent.


  1. I am looking forward to my small Rosegirls order! Are you ordering again when the open up in February?

  2. I always laugh at some of the names of these scents. Ice Cream Scoop Dough Bread? So random! I'd love to try to make some dishes with the same name as wax scents one day lol. Anyways, this sounds scrumptious! I missed out on the sampler last time but I'm going to to stalk the site this time around when she reopens =)

    1. Try to get your hands on a sampler, I think she'll reopen sometime between 2:30am and 3am, just like last time!


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