Friday, January 4, 2013

Review: The Scented Princess' Sugar Mint Serendipity

(...this scent deserved a post allllllllllllllllll on its own.)

Thanksgiving: a time to celebrate family, togetherness, stuffing one's face, and mauling your fellow bretheren for a 32" flat-screen TV.
 ...too soon??

Seriously though, one of the best times to shop is the time between Thanksgiving and New Years. Now, I don't actually venture out into the physical world on Black Friday, only because:
  1. I fear angry mobs. Except flash mobs...those seem like fun!
  2. (related to #1) Claustrophobia has followed me into adult life, therefore, being in tight spaces with angry mobs is 10 times worse than normal shopping.
  4. I am perpetually afraid that hot, scalding coffee will be thrown in my face because I grabbed the last mini cake pop maker.
  5. There is no amount of goods that could convince me to wake up at 2am voluntarily after Thanksgiving. Not a flat screen TV for $60, not 2/$20 candles, not nothin'.
  6. I don't like that Black Friday shopping cuts into family time. BE TOGETHER FOR ONE FREAKING DAY WITHOUT FEELING LIKE YOU HAVE TO BE THERE.
...rant over. Sorry, I got a little sidetracked!

Dawn, the owner of The Scented Princess, is reeeeeeeeeally, really ridiculously good at blending scents. She also had a Black Friday sale (SEE, you thought I was rambling for no reason!), and well, her 2-pack of tarts were buy one get one free (in the same scent).
...and when I say tarts, read JUMBO tarts, not little scalloped, really big tarts.
Anywho, clamshells were a bit discounted if I'm not mistake, so I chose the above scent after hearing about it from a YouTube user (not sure who, I just remember someone, somewhere had this scent and raved about it). As a side note, I love Dawn's labels: if I had to own something, anything, and I got to choose what I wanted it to look like, it would be pink (OR GOLD), sparkly, with zebra of cheetah print.
The word "rules" is used so often that it has lost meaning...but there really is no other word to describe this scent. IT RULES. It's got an obvious heavy top-note of serendipity/cherry/powdered sugary sweetness, with a nice mintiness, too. The thing is...I'm not a fan of sickeningly sweet scents, but serendipity is the exception. It's amazing, and it might just be because I love cherry now, but it's my all-time favorite scent. Blending it with sugar mint takes it to a whole different level, though. This one is a winner, and I might have to hoard my last 4 cubes. :)

The Scented Princess' Sugar Mint Serendipity
Cold Rating: 8/10; mostly straight serendipity with a hint of mint, but right off the bat, it's strong.
Lit Rating: 8.5/10; WOW! Very pungent cherry aroma, in the best way possible; when mixed with a mint scent, it gets elevated to something grand!
Throw Rating: 8.5/10; I had some friends come over while I was melting this last night and they said they could smell it all the way outside..
Overall Rating: 8.5/10; almost perfect! I would have like just a skosh more mint, but hey, that's not a complaint, I'm mainly trying to fill this voided space with words. Simply wonderful! Serendipity fans are in for a treat if they blend it with sugar mint!


  1. I'm highly impressed by her dupes on top of her scent blends! She seems like such a sweetheart from what I've seen. Unfortunately due to me recently cleaning out my bank to pay school bills, I have to pick only one vendor to make an order from until the first week of February. It's so hard to decide!

    1. What are your choices?? Don't wanna make your decision harder, but I saw Butterfly Lane just opened back up, too! AGHHHH!! I say Tiffany's, though, you've been talking about it for a while! Or, if you need to restock your bank account, CFTKR reopens in the middle of the month! OR Beauxsavonfrais, they open on Valentine's Day!

    2. Right now it's between CFTKR, Tiffany's, Scented Princess, Front Porch, and the Bathing Garden. I'm surprised I was able to narrow it down this much, but I'm still having trouble deciding. Gah, if I didn't have to leave my college town for the winter break (yay dorms for closing down and kicking you out!) I would've been able to work this entire time and have a bit more than I do right now. :)
      I melted the Scented Princess Dark Kiss (bbw dupe) the other day and oh my goodness it was spot on! I agree with you on her labels. They're so awesome!

    3. If you like samplers, go with CFTKR or Tiffany Candles! Tiffany has new a sampler pack for their open, and CFTKR has a ton of different samplers, which are all available to view online right now! The Scented Princess is usually pretty fast, but her tarts do need to cure a few weeks! Let me know what you decide! :D

  2. I'm not familiar with this vendor but wow, this scent sounds awesome.


    1. She's usually really fast and seems to be a new master of blending. This scent is fab!


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