Sunday, January 20, 2013

Haul: Candles By Victoria's New Year's Day Sale

Back with another haul, this time from Candles By Victoria! She was having a 15% off NYE sale for a few hours, so I decided to participate. With what I had in my cart, shipping was basically only $3 instead of her usual $9 (with the discount, I mean). So, I purchased one 3-pack of the same scent (Bath Time With Pooh), 5 scents I have heard a lot about online (I dub them "fan favorites"), and a sampler pack ("Victoria's Favorites"). After melting one scent shot from this order way too hastily, I am going to let these cure a looooooooong while, because I hear that the longer they sit, the better (which is true of any vendor, but apparently more-so with Victoria's stuff?).
From top to bottom and left to right, we have Sweet Pea (Bath & Body Works Dupe), Emerald Sea, Blueberry Cheesecake, Fair Day, and Honey Vanilla Love Dust (a chocolate and honey combination, also a dupe for some sort of candy, if I'm not mistaken?). These are from the Victoria's Favorites sampler.
Closing out the sampler scents, we have More Trix Up My Sleeve (Trix cereal scent, a very lemony version of Froot Loops), Cajun Cornbread (again with the corns...), Fresh Baked Bread (this smells almost identical to Bath & Body Works' French Baguette, but is not a dupe), Breaking Dawn (a very orangey scent), and Feathers Everywhere (a combo of Twilight and Skinny Dippin').
These are the ones I've heard a lot about online. They are: Three Ring Circus, Sugar Kisses (cotton candy mixed with raspberry guava), Pink Sugar and Coconut (two of my favorite scents combined), Captain Crunch Berries (like the cereal), and Bella Swan (a very floral, almost grape scent). Looking forward to trying each of these!
Last buy not least is the ever popular Bath Time With Pooh. I made the mistake of sticking the ENTIRE SCENT SHOT into the warmer the first day I got the package....WOW, it was so soapy and overwhelming that I could only stand it for about two and a half ours, then had to turn off the warmer. I will let them cure from now one. Hope you enjoyed!  

Do you like CBV? What are some of your favorites from her?

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