Monday, January 7, 2013

Review: Front Porch's Lemon Marshmallow

You really can't go wrong with real lemons: bright, citrusy, strong...lemon makes good food, good drinks, and, in the right amounts, and make good wax smell even better!
Let me tell you, though, there are varied types of lemon. First, there's your standard lemon, like something you'd smell in the produce section of the grocery store. Then there's your cleaner lemon, like Pine-Sol or anti-bacterial cleaning wipes. There's also bakery lemon: creamy, zesty, and often muted by whatever bakery good it is paired with in the wax. Finally, there's artificial lemon: stinky, not true to the brightness of an actual lemon...a combination of the three I've just listed above.

Paired with sweet, creamy marshmallow, Front Porch hit the nail on the head with this scent. It's authentic lemon, as if I had just cut into one in real life. It's reaaally strong, too, it filled up the entire house in less than 30 minutes. I will DEFINITELY repurchase this fragrance!

...I literally just realized this scent smells like Fruit Loops. #TheMoreYouKnow

Front Porch's Lemon Marshmallow
Cold Rating: 8/10; not overpowering, but you mainly get lemon with a hint of sweetness from the marshmallow (note: this is not toasted marshmallow!).
Lit Rating: 9/10; just wonderful!
Throw Rating: 8.5/10; filled up the whole house with lemon-marshmallow-fruit loopy goodness!
Overall Rating: 8.75/10; a not artificial lemon fragrance mixes perfectly with the smooth creaminess of marshmallows to make this brilliantly zesty blend of amazingness! REPURCHASE for SURE!


  1. I love this scent. I have several, even though I haven't actually melted any of them yet. I think I like FP's Lemon Bliss even more though. YUM!


    1. Ooooh Lemon Bliss!!! I've never heard of that one! What's the difference??

    2. I want to try Lemon Bliss too! I think it's Buttercream Bliss instead of Marshmallow.

    3. I don't have them nearby to do a sniff comparison but I think Lemon Bliss might have a deeper creaminess ... ? I can't remember at the moment. There was a definite difference though.



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