Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wickless Wednesday: Bath & Body Works' 'Tis The Season Wallflower Bulb

Christmas tiiiiiiiiiiiime is heeeeeeeeeeeere!!
'Tis The Season is one of my favorite scents from Bath & Body Works, so it only made sense to buy it in the wallflower version, too! It's really the perfect mix of fruit, outdoors, and a hint of spice.

I bought this particular bulb last year during their after Christmas semi-annual sale and have been holding onto it ever since. It's still very fragrant, but not overpowering.

My mom gave me this plug-in last year because the scent (Sea Island Cotton, I believe??) was too strong for her. Thanks again, mom, it's the perfect Christmas and winter decoration! These wallflowers seem to last a very long time, well, this one has, anyway. I put it in right before Thanksgiving and it's still got about half of the fragrance oil in it.

I give this wallflower scent a 6.5/10: not too harsh that it'll hurt your nose, but powerful enough to notice a scent. I'd definitely repurchase this!

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  1. I've never tried wallflowers. Before I got into tarts I was using those Glade plugins. When I think back to those days it makes me laugh. There were only ever like three scents to choose from, and no variety in style or anything. I look at what's out there now and it's crazy to see how far the home fragrance world has expanded.



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