Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Off Topic Tuesday: Current Favorite Songs

Do you like music? What kind of music do you like?

Below are my favorite songs at the moment. Share yours with everyone in the comments!
While my favorite genres are oldies, rock, and metal, I tend to travel all across the musical map. My favorite band (and I use this term subjectively) when I was a kid was The Backstreet Boys. Currently, I am obsessed with Taylor Swift and garner a lot of flack for this. I've finally been able to listen to her new album "Red," and I LOVE IT. I love that I've been a fan for long enough to see her growth in each song and album. This is my favorite song her "Red." That being said, I DO agree with Josh, she's definitely the problem in her love life, not the guys she dates. (HA)
"Some Nights" by Fun. is a really great song to sing along to in the car. There might be some NSFW language, so just be aware! I don't know anything about this band, but I think the lead singer looks like a combination of Mark Wahlberg and Guy Pearce. Josh doesn't see it. It's a good song, give it a listen!
HATERS BACK UP. This song is catchy as hale. I have so many questions: why is Psy in a place where there are horses in the video? Did he ever take dancing lessons or is he just a Lord of the Dance? Just how much money does he have now? WHY IS HE SWIMMING IN A JACUZZI??? Ugh...hate me all you want, but this song is awesome.
Chaka Khan is fierce. This song is funky and amazing and timeless. End of story.

Thanks for reading. Don't forget to share, there's no judgment here!

PS: Do you like Off Topic Tuesday?

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  1. I love music, and my tastes are all over the board. I *love* that Some Nights song. I didn't like their first song, I think because my sister made me watch a parody song/video of it before I was really familiar with the actual song and that kinda killed it for me.

    Love Gangham Style. My son showed me that before it became all the rage, so it was funny when it did become all the rage.

    Taylor Swift ... I'm back and forth about her. I like many of her songs and at first thought she was this wonderful breath of fresh air, all genuine and innocent. She bothers me now though. Something about her look, and she's start to fall into cheap little Hollywood hooker status. Well, I'm glad she and Harry split, cuz I CAN'T STAND HIM (or One Direction).

    Love Song (Taylor Swift) is one of my absolute favorite song/videos ever. Makes me cry every time!



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