Saturday, January 26, 2013

Haul: Ollie's Soaps #3

I am back again with another haul from Ollie's Soaps! (sorry if you received multiple posts in your email, I am working with a new keyboard that is much short than my older on). As you all know, Ayano, the owner of Ollie's Soaps is such a sweet lady! She always send samples and a hand written thank you note, touches that I personally love in a tart company. She posted a new item on her Etsy site, WAX COOKIES!!! I had to get one! This was the main reason for my order, but I got a few other things, some I've been dying to try, and some old favs. Here are some pictures!
BEHOLD!! The cookie in all its glory!! The scent is Pink Vanilla Butter Fudge, which smells freakin' FANTASTIC!! I love the sprinkles on there, it looks so completely realistic, even Josh thought it was real from far away. This cookie is at least 3oz, too!
The other reason for my order is that I needed more Peppermint Apple (bottom clamshell). I am obsessed with this scent: it's fresh, clean, crisp, yet pepperminty, refreshing, and sprightly! Just fabulous. Her Serendipity (top right) smells great, too. There was a faint skunky smell in this clamshell, though. Finally, I got a clamshell in Pink Peppermint (top left). She blends these two together really well and I am a huge fan of it.
Finally, I got a 6-pack of scalloped tarts. From top to bottom, left to right, we have: Apple Iced Tea (I got a sample of this scent and had to get another one), Bear Claws (for an upcoming comparison post I have a'brewin'), Cranberry Apple (a good blend), Lemon Colada (very lemony but still a hint of tropical underneath all the lemon scent), Pink Serendipity (a favorite of mine), and Wildberry Mousse (smells great, more berry than whipped mousse!).
She also sent me some sample: one mystery scent shot, a scalloped tart in Pear Champagne (VERY bubbly!), and a scalloped tart in Raspberry Harvest (raspberry with hints of spices).
This is what the mystery scent shot looks like close up! It is7 different colors in one, I have never seen anything like this! I am going to let it cure for a while to bring out the full scent, then melt this ASAP! It's so pretty!

Hope you enjoyed my haul! :)


  1. Her Pink Vanilla Fudge is soooo good. Peppermint Apple sounds good too, I've never tried that scent before from any vendor.

    1. I don't think anyone else does a peppermint apple at all! It really is great though, crisp and clean but minty all at the same time!

  2. Sounds like you got some great stuff! I just got my first order in from her and I'm impressed. That mystery scent shot is SO COOL!! I can't wait to hear what you think when you melt it!


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