Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Review: Tiffany Candles Vanilla Sandalwood (NEW SCENT!)

Sandalwood is in a lot of candles and tarts as a background note. I don't think I really like sandalwood; in my opinion, it is often too potent, bordering the line between potpourri/woodsy and old lady's attic ever so slightly...
However, Tiffany Candles blend of vanilla and sandalwood is spectacular. Like I said, I'm usually not a fan, but, yet again, Tiffany has changed my perspective on what I know I hate. WHO AM I??????!!

I received this sample with my order from Tiffany when she reopened her website a couple weeks ago. I was excited to try a few of her new fragrances and push my own personal scent limits, but Vanilla Sandalwood? BLEH, I hate sandalwood, I thought to myself...I am sure glad I tried this one! Her Vanilla Sandalwood is very complex, yet slightly creamy. It has perfumey notes, but it doesn't smell too overwhelming. The vanilla definitely tones down the woodsy notes and made this one a definitely purchasable scent for me! If you think you won't like it, try it, you might surprise yourself!

Tiffany Candles Vanilla Sandalwood 
Cold Rating: 6/10; muted slightly by the vanilla, you can definitely tell this has sandalwood in it. But, I pressed on...
Lit Rating: 7/10; ...and I am impressed once again! Creamy yet perfumey and woodsy, slightly floral...a great scent for the bathroom or kitchen, I'd imagine!
Throw Rating: 7/10; pretty good throw! I could smell it lingering out towards the living room. It did a fabulous job filling up our bedroom, that's for sure.
Overall Rating: 6.5/10; overall, I am impressed in both this tart and myself! I am walking a fine line between pressing my boundaries and knowing my limits when it comes to wax.* If I think something is too adventurous, I find myself trying it anyway...what's life if we hold back and don't try something?!

*If you thought this was a stretch for me (since I'm not a huge fan of florals or woodsy or perfumey scents), wait until you see what I have coming for y'all soon... ;)


  1. I absolutely love this one! To me it smells like Slatkin Vanilla Sandalwood. Glad to see that you're branching out with scents, I am too! That's why samples are awesome, you get the chance to try something you wouldn't have chosen otherwise.

  2. Ooh, I had no idea Slatkin made a Vanilla Sandalwood candle! Is it around or is it discontinued?! I'll have to keep my eyes opened for that! Samples are the best thing that vendors can do, seriously...it helps buyers open their minds! Sometimes there are bad samples, but if you're willing to try a lot, then there should be no such thing. :)

  3. I'm not a sandalwood fan either. One of my coworkers always comes back from her break smelling like sandalwood and finally one day I asked her what scent her lotion was. Turns out it is B&BW Cashmere something or other and when I looked up the notes online, sure enough, it included sandalwood. lol


  4. I like sandalwood so I want to try this scent! I haven't been dying to place an order with Tiffany's though.


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