Thursday, December 13, 2012

Haul: Sniff My Tarts Haul #1

I have been so looking forward to receiving my package from Sniff My Tarts, a highly recommended online wax chunk vendor. I first heard about Sniff My Tarts from ErinMakinScents, a wax YouTuber that I follow. She RAVES about this company. It's cool to note that this is a mother-daughter company, run by Donna and Amy.

It just so happens that when they re-opened their site, they were having a sale on chunks and tart cups (scent shots): if you bought 1 scent shot, you could get another one for free (in the same scent), and if you bought an 8oz. bag of chunks, you could get a 4oz. bag of the same scent for free (I think it was buy 8oz. get 4oz. free, but I don't remember since I only bought scent shots.). If I have not yet tried a wax vendor, my process is simple: buy from the company only when they have a sale, and try to get a good variety of my go-to favorites (cinnamons, citruses, pinks, serendipity scents, spicy scents). Since 8 ounces plus another 4 ounces seemed like A LOT of wax to try for my very first order, I decided to go with the scent never know, what one person raves about you might end up hating, then be stuck with 12 ounces of icky. As per the Sniff My Tarts private wax group on Facebook, the owners let us know that 18 (2 of each scent, for a total of 9 scents) tart cups would fit comfortably in a priority flat-rate envelope from USPS; since I knew that, if I chose this option, shipping would only be about $6, I decided to narrow my selections down to 9 scents in order to save on shipping...

...boy, was that a mistake.
This is how my order looked when all was said and done. Out of 18 scent shots, half of them had packaging that was destroyed. As you can see, the vendor tried to keep the lids on with tape, but it didn't work very well.
The cups and lids were crunched and broken, some lids even ripped across the entire length of the lid. The wax was crumbling all over the place...I have no idea if this happened because of the way it was packaged and sent or if it happened at the post office and/or in transit, but this is not okay. I wouldn't have had a problem with this but the owners specifically said that 18 cups would fit just fine in a flat-rate envelope. The envelope was wrapped so tightly with tape that it was compressed into a package-ball.
Like I said, one or two would have been okay with me, I understand stuff gets messed up in transit...but 9?! What the heck happened??!! It's sort of ridiculous, actually, and I wonder if they have this problem all the time with their shipments? I guess I learned my lesson...only get stuff sent to me in a flat-rate box, even if it costs more money to do so.
Fortunately, everything smells really great, but I don't have any cellophane or Ziploc baggies to put my tarts I was forced to wrap them with aluminum foil for the time being. I know that the plastic baggies we have suck the scent out of the wax, so that's a no-go.
These are all different scents, folks. Most of what I purchased was either a blend with pink sugar or cotton candy, thus the pink tint to most of my tarts. I've never had this problem ever before, with tart cups/lids OR packaging problems, so I am just here to share my experience.
Another thing is that the bags these tart cups were wrapped in was completely torn apart, and not just a little...I mean end to end. The only thing holding this together is the ribbon at the top. :(

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I am disappointed. Like I said, I've never had this problem in my wax travels. If I want to order from Sniff My Tarts again, I now have the feeling like I'm almost forced to buy the more expensive chunks (which come in cello baggies, if I'm not mistaken) to prevent this problem from happening again. Luckily, I can tell I'm really going to enjoy melting their wax...everything smells just superb. At the end of the day, I guess this is what matters, I just wish  my package didn't get destroyed!


  1. Yowzers, yeah that does suck. I don't like the cup style tarts, regardless who they come from. Hope they at least perform well when melted. I have not tried this vendor, but that would make me not go back.

    Who says what bags suck the scent out? So many crazy things come from the so-called gurus on YouTube it just makes me roll my eyes.


    1. I much prefer fluted melts of clam shells, but they be a bit more pricey depending on the vendor. I think their tarts will perform well, I'll definitely keep you all updated!

      Also, I'm not sure if anyone on YouTube said anything about plastic baggies, I just know that when I would save my already melted wax (with scent left in it) in one, the scent would be almost gone...this particularly happened a lot with Scentsy wax...maybe just because it's softer? I'm guessing you don't like the YouTube crowd?? LOL. :P

    2. LOL - There are some I really like, and some I really can't stand. I have huge issues with some of the things that go in that community though.

      I used to prefer clamshells, then was loving the fluted, but lately I've totally be into the grubby style like Front Porch has. I just want to pop a tart in and go, not have to cut it or anything.


    3. (Make that 'totally been into' . . . )

    4. Ohhhh yeah, LOVE FP's grubby tarts. They are so awesome! Cutting wax is certainly a messy venture!

      ...but now I want to know who you don't like to watch on YouTube! You've piqued my interest! LOL. :)

    5. Is there an email addy I can contact you at?


    6. :)

  2. Wow - those tarts came in terrible shape!


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