Saturday, December 29, 2012

Review: White Barn's Black Pepper Bergamot 14.5 oz 3-Wick Candles

It's okay to want to smell a man sometimes, right?

Not the unshowered, stinky foot scent of a man...(wonderful visual for a Saturday afternoon, eh??)

...I mean the fresh, musky, clean, aftershavey, sort of sexy and cologned scent of a man.

You know, how Robert Downey Jr. would probably smell if he happened to walk by you on the street.
Like a million dollars....


I'm of the opinion that, given the right type of masculine scent, this line of thinking is perfectly acceptable, dare I say normal.
...Plus, Robert Downey Jr.
Black Pepper Bergamot...where to begin. This is a 14.5oz candle, 3 wick, with plenty of problems. The scent is masculine, sexy, and peppery. I enjoy it thoroughly. I have had this candle since, oh I don't know, September? October? Well, I finally started burning it...
...and this is what I've gotten performance-ly speaking both times. A VERY uneven burn, no full wax pool whatsoever, and barely any scent throw. The photo above was taken 2.5 hours into the burn.

I am disappoint. This is fabulous scent marred by poor performance. As I have stated several times in this post, this is what I imagine Robert Downey Jr. smells like and now...I'll never know...

*cue long, deep gaze into a vast space of nothingness*

White Barn's Black Pepper Bergamot
Cold Rating: 7.5/10; strong and sexy, you can really smell the pepper mixed in with bergamot.
Lit Rating: 2.5/10; pithy scent throw, uneven wax pool, no full wax pool, thin white wicks of death.
Throw Rating: 3/10; upper level strength, but not the strongest thing I've ever melted.
Overall Rating: 4/10; "Whatever happens, I'll leave it all to chance; Another heartache - another failed romance; On and on...Does anybody know what we are living for?" /end Queen's "The Show Must Go On." High hopes and shattered dreams. No Robert Downey Jr. sexiness.


  1. omg, thank you for the RDJR laugh. That was an awesome post!

    1. You're welcome! I was hoping someone would appreciate it! :D

  2. Hopefully Robert Downey Jr. doesn't perform that way?! *giggle*

    I have not smelled this one, but yeah, an awesome smelling man is a scent to behold. I've not really liked cologne-y scents in home fragrance though.

    Do you ever return candles? Everyone says "Take it back!" but I always feel weird about returning things. Put it on a candle warmer, perhaps?


    1. You crack me up, Deb! :D

      This is a really nice scent, I guess I'll end up putting it on the tart warmer or turn it into chunks. I actually recorded my first YouTube video about this scent today...I'm reeeeeeeeally trying not to get stuff too close to the camera, you know.. *wink wink* ;)

      I hate returning candles that are already melted. I feel like a jerk sort of, even though that is their's really THEIR mistake for making inconsistent candles, but I don't know...have you ever returned an already used candle to B&BW??

  3. I don't like the White Barn candles...Slatkin all the way!!!!!


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