Sunday, December 23, 2012

Weekend Wax Review: December 21-23

Only 2 more days! Only 2 more days!!!!

This weekend has been absolutely insane. Between baking cookies with my mom and grandma all day Friday, shopping/wrapping/cooking on Saturday, and cleaning the house/more baking/picking up my friend at the airport/going to dinner/Lebowski today, I barely had any time to melt my precious wax! I did get through a few things earlier in the weekend, though.
First, I melted my sample of Pleasant Christmas from Ava's Country Cupboard. This scent was basically straight-up wood burning fireplace. It was nice, but got overwhelming. Even one tiny little gingerbread man packed a powerful punch. On cold sniff, 6.5/10. While warming, 6.5/10. The throw was 7/10, for a total of 6.5/10. I enjoyed it, but the smell of fireplace can get to be too much after a while.
Tiffany Candles Jelly Donut sample was....weird. There was a hint of sugary pastry, but I'm not sure if the fruit smell was a mix of something or what, like grape and something else?? It was pretty strange, and it did not perform well. The scent throw was not super strong, and I feel like you had to be right on top of it to get anything. This sample is in her old wax blend. On cold sniff, 5/10. While warming, 4/10. The throw was 4/10, for a total of 4/10.
I was less than pleased when my Sniff My Tarts order came and half the containers were broken. However, as long as the wax is good, it doesn't really matter in the long run. Lemon Danish Sticky Marshmallow was a chunk sample I got with my order...AND IT WAS AWESOME. It smelled like lemon danish mixed with creamy fruit loops or Trix cereal! The throw was pretty strong, and it lasted all afternoon and into the next night. I was super, super impressed. On cold sniff, 7/10. While warming 8/10. The throw was a 7.5/10, overall it was a 7.5/10. Like I said, impressive!
Not a fan of this one at all. For a split second, it smelled bready, but then the yeast combined with blueberry to morph into something that smelled like blueberry Go-Gurt. YEESH! I think I will stick to sweet breads from Front Porch, not fruity breads. On cold sniff, 5/10. While warming, 3/10. Throw was 5/10, for a total of 4.5/10.
This photo does not do this scent shot justice...the color of Pink Toasty Marshmallow from Beezy Tarts was a RADIANT, absolutely brilliant hot pink and everything I own must now be turned into this color. This scent was S-T-R-O-N-G and wonderful! In its cup, the only thing I could smell was pink sugar, but while it was warming, it turned into this creamy, toasty mix of pink sugar and marshmallow. It was such a lovely surprise since a lot of marshmallow scents aren't super strong! On cold sniff, 7/10. While warming, 8/10, and it lasted for almost 2 days. The throw was about a 7.5/10, for a total of 7.5/10! Beezy Tarts continues to be a rising star in my book! :)
Finally, we have Hot Toddy from Candles from the Keeping a side note, have you SEEN the list of remakes Carol has been working on for her re-open after the holidays?! OMG, it's HUGE. It's going to take all of my being not to place an order, ha! Hot Toddy smelled better cold, actually. The throw was alright, but it just didn't perform as well as something like Mulled Cider or another apple scent. It was nice and appley, though, it just stayed in one room! On cold sniff, 7/10. While melting, 6/10. The throw was 5.5/10, for a total of 6/10.
In case I don't get around to updating again before the actual holiday, Merry Christmas, all!
What are your plans, anything fun? Anyone traveling?
Monday morning we're doing Christmas with my brother-in-law and his family, then that night we're going to my friend's house for dinner. Christmas morning will be at my mom's, and then we're having appetizers and dessert at our place! It's going to be a jam-packed few days! Be safe and have a wonderful time, oh, and don't forget to melt some wax while you're at it! :)


  1. Have you heard about what FP did recently with their Miami Erie business? They shut down with no word whatsoever to the public, leaving a lot of vendors in the hole with scents they rely on M.E. for.
    I've never bought from them, besides getting some of their items in destashes, but I was incredibly turned off by their lack of communication in this. I understand that they probably would want to shut down after finding out that their fragrance oils they sell were being used to sell cheaper versions of their tarts (that smell EXACTLY the same), but to shut down suddenly and without any news? I guess..
    Long rant aside (sorry, I'm a new reader who stumbled across your blog around Thanksgiving while looking for scent descriptions of a couple of vendors' tarts) I really love the way you break down everything you burn/melt/wear into easy-to-identify categories. It really helps me learn about the quality of the tart and get a better idea of the scents.

    1. WOW! I had not heard of this AT ALL. That's pretty freaking looks like there's a bunch of vendors (I've seen SMT and HHS so far...) who used M.E. oils for their wax. It's a double-edged sword almost: On one hand, she had to know her oils would be used to make other products, and that's not really her concern, what other people use her oils for anyways. if they charge cheaper, well, sort of so-be-it, you know? Her prices aren't the cheapest tarts out there, but the free shipping is a HUGE draw to customers. On the other hand, it's a shady business practice and crappy customer service to just SHUT DOWN her business without so much as a word. I tried to do some research on this, but got nothing, and her website is even shut down!

      I am glad to have you as a reader and I thank you for your kind words! I'm just trying to take something I love and be able to share it with others! It's more important to know about the quality of tarts, bad or good, as well as customer service of vendors and owners, instead of kissing their butts in the hope of getting "chummy" with them. I'm all about honesty here, and it's sort of like why lie if something/someone is terrible/has terrible customer service/bad prices/etc?!? I hope you stick around! :)

  2. Beezy Tarts is looking like a vendor I need to try. I saw the CFTKR remake list - it's crazy long and she's adding even more. I keep telling myself I can't order in January. I have tooo many tarts!

    1. You should definitely give Beezy a try! I have not hd anything but RTS stuff from him, but he was fast, and everything has been super strong! It seems like, no matter how hard I tell myself not to order more from Carol, I DO, LOL! We must have willpower! ;)


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