Friday, December 14, 2012

Review: The Scented Princess' Glazed Jelly Donut Cookie

Do you like donuts? I do, I do!

I think it's the neatest thing that my mom and her boyfriend get donuts almost every Saturday. It's a cool tradition to have with someone! One donut a week won't kill you!
This is the next best thing to a real jelly donut, minus the calories, of course. I have tried, oh, about 3 or 4 donut scents from various vendors, but this one takes the cake (har-har-har, pastry pun!!!!!!!). The Scented Princess has a wide variety of fabulous scents and received A TON of love during her BOGO Black Friday sale. I got this sample of glazed jelly donut cookie in the Simply Sensational Box. What it lacks in throw it makes up for in scent. It really does smell just like a jelly donut, glazed and all, with a hint of cookie. I did, however, have to be close to the warmer in order to smell it. That being said, it had a great fragrance!

The Scented Princess' Glazed Jelly Donut Cookie
Cold Rating: 5.5/10; not the strongest on cold throw, but you can definitely smell the glaze, the donut, and a hint of cookie.
Lit Rating: 6.5/10; love the scent, it smells like you just walked into a bakery that had finished a fresh round of jelly donuts! YUM!
Throw Rating: 5/10; it stayed in the bedroom, but you had to be right on top of it to smell anything powerfully.
Overall Rating: 5.5/10; the truest jelly donut scent I have smelled to date. Love the stocking shape, so festive! Makes me want to always purchase the Simply Sensational Sampler. Unfortunately, it made me want donuts at 8pm...looking forward to when my tarts from this vendor will be done curing. :)


  1. Oh man this is great! I LOVED the YC Jelly Donut scent and have been looking for a replacement!!!!!

    1. The Scented Princess has great deals on their etsy page, which I totally forgot to link! I'll go add it right now, but I think her pages is closed while she catches up on orders! :D

  2. Thanks! I'll check her out after the holidays!!!!


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