Saturday, December 15, 2012

Off Topic Tuesday: Recent Horror in Newtown, CT

I don't live in Connecticut, in fact, I live on the other side of the country. I don't (think I) know anyone in Connecticut. It's been a long time since I've been in elementary school. Josh and I don't have children of our own...

...But none of this means I don't have a heart or soul that aches this morning.

I think we all feel the same way today after what happened in Newtown, CT yesterday. We are sad, we are angry, we want answers to why someone, an individual so heartless, could stoop to the level he did, could do what he did...
Will this make it better, knowing why he did it? No, it won't.
Will it bring back the innocent lives lost? No, unfortunately, it won't.
Will it change anything? We can only hope horrific incidents like this might change policies, opinions, and attitudes for the better. I'm not going to get political, and understand that there are two sides to every issue, but SOMETHING has to change. SOMEONE has to give. We're getting nowhere, and have been getting nowhere for a long time.

I cried off and on yesterday because of this senseless tragedy, yet I kept myself glued to the television off and on. It's so, so depressing, gut-wrenching, deplorable...those poor children and innocent many words to describe the one word that keeps popping up in my head: STOP. Stop the hatred, stop the violence, stop the aggression.

Hug the ones you love tightly because, luckily, we get another day with them. Also, please keep Newtown, CT in your hearts and thoughts. This is not okay.

*Candle related to this cause: if you want to help out, CLARO candle is giving 100% of the proceeds of their 'special cause' candle directly to the victims and their families, and those impacted by this tragedy. Visit to buy one and donate.
**I just felt so overwhelmed by this that I had to share my thoughts. Hope you all understand...if not, regular fun, happy wax news will resume tomorrow.

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