Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Review: Tiffany Candles' Sinus Relief

Josh asked me the other night if I had anything waxy that could help with a stuffed-up nose. He has pretty bad allergies from time to time. I was shocked that he asked me for an aromatic fix! Dare I say he might even be taking an interest in the wax world!?
Tiffany Candles Sinus Relief may not have cured his allergies, but it was a pleasant scent. There was definitely a combination of both peppermint and spearmint, because straight spearmint or straight peppermint can get overwhelming if they aren't blended properly. This scent shot in Tiffany's old wax does a great job of mixing the two. There was also some eucalyptus in the scent as well, but it wasn't overly dominant. Frankly, I would have liked this scent to be a bit stronger, but it was nice and lulling for sleep time. I think I purchased this a while back in their new wax blend, so I will have to dig it out and see if I can tell the difference. If you like herbal, soothing scents, this one's for you!

Tiffany Candles Sinus Relief
Cold Rating: 4/10; not much of anything except a bit of a minty smell.
Lit Rating: 6/10; you definitely get a little bit of peppermint and spearmint, a hint of eucalyptus, but it's not super strong. I enjoyed this smell, though.
Throw Rating: 4.5/10; it stayed in the bedroom mainly, nothing too powerful; we needed something localized for sleeping, anyway.
Overall Rating: 5/10; a so-so throw and a not-so strong scent makes this an average scent shot. I have a hunch that the new wax will be strong, which is good because I really do enjoy this scent for a nighttime relaxation tool!

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  1. Yes, let us know if there is a different between old/new wax blend!


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