Monday, December 31, 2012

Review: Sniff My Tarts Coffee Bean

When faced with a tart on cold sniff, 94.725% of the time, I pretty much know off the bat if I'm going to like it or not. Very rarely am I surprised by something waxy. Do you feel the same way??
Well, this was a surprise.
...and unfortunately, not a welcome one.

This tart from Sniff My Tarts' in the scent Coffee Bean was purchased as part of a destash (look for an upcoming blog entry about my first destash experience). If you remember, I was a bit disappointed with my first SMT order because half of the tart cups and bags were broken; the first 2 scents I've melted from my order, though, have been AMAZING...

This, however, was not.

On cold sniff, it had a very strong coffee scent with a hint of a deeper espresso note. Also, I swear I smelled a faint rice krispies aroma while it was inside the baggie. While warming............well, let's just say I could not stomach it. I even had to throw the wax out before it was finishing melting was just not good, y'all. There was coffee alright, but it was skunky. I'm not even kidding, halfway through the melting process, I thought a skunk wandered into our house and sprayed all over everything!

When I opened the destash package, I thought, "gee, something stinks like a skunk...oh well, must just be me!"
It was salty skunk, too, and we all know SALTY SKUNKS ARE THE WORST KIND OF SKUNKS.

The throw was unfortunately strong. I don't know if it was just because of the destash box/bag/person, or if it truly smells like this, or if the wax was old, or something else, anything else...I want to give SMT the benefit of the doubt, but I can't overlook the fact that my curtains still smell like Pepe Le Pew.

Sniff My Tarts Coffee Bean 
Cold Rating: 5.5/10; decent amount of strength, only notes of coffee, possibly espresso, some random rice krispies type of scent.
Throw Rating: 6/10; unfortunately rather strong.
Overall Rating: 3.5/10; I'm keeping the mindset that this was NOT the fault of Sniff My Tarts, but rather the person I bought it from. That's totally fine, but if it smelled like this to them, I wish they wouldn't have given it away, and I wish I wouldn't have paid for it!


  1. Yikes! And yuck! Many months ago I had several tarts in a row from one vendor that all had an overpowering scorched smell when they were warmed. It was horrible and I eventually gave up on that vendor and got rid of what I had left. I can't imagine *skunk* smell though. Eeeuuw.


    1. Wow, a scorched smell?! Multiple tarts!? Dang...hopefully you didn't spend too much on that order! I'd be so mad!

      ...I kid you not, we walked into the house from being gone all morning and skunkiness still lingered in here. UGH...*shivers in disgust*

      Sniff My Tarts is still redeeming themselves from the broken cups, though, I had serendipity marshmallow smoothie going last night after *that* incident and it was FANTASTIC!

  2. Ick!!!!! I've never had a tart smell like skunk and I imagine it's repulsive. I did have one smell like pickled apples and cinnamon and that was super gross - I started getting nauseous. BTW, I am so glad you give honest reviews. Thanks! :)

    1. PICKLED APPLES?!??! GROSS!!! After a while, some of the corn scents start smelling like Fritos, but that's the closet I've ever come to anything...strange? But pickled apples...that's a doozy! :O

      Thank you, I'll always give my honest opinion and won't ever be swayed by vendors or freebies or anything. No one can buy me!!!! :D

    2. Hi Lauren! Are you still doing reviews? Come check out "The Prim Fairy" =) Its on facebook.. =)


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