Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Review: Candles From The Keeping Room's Blackberry Jam Butter Cookie

If you've read my blog at all in the last month, you'll now that I have recently purchased products from Candles From The Keeping Room for the first time. You will also know I have loved each of Carol's products I have tried so far...
...and while this scent is alright, that's all it is. Blackberry Jam Butter Cookie is a scent that is talked about quite a lot on Facebook wax groups and YouTube; people LOVE this scent because it often so perfectly blends the fruity blackberry scent with a creamy, buttery cookie note. Unfortunately, CFTKR does include this fruity blackberry fragrance, but whatever the cookie note is gets lost in a sea of floral randomness.In addition to this, it's not very strong at all. I'm also not sure what caused the floral note, but it was just weird. There was almost no cookie scent in this, a tiny bit of butter, and then a random flower overtone. I am not a fan, and luckily I didn't pick a bag of this specific scent up in my last order. There are still many, many, many other scents I prefer, and still love Carol's work and everything she does for her customers! :)

Candles From The Keeping Room's Blackberry Jam Butter Cookie
Cold Rating: 4/10; there's a hint of a buttery fragrance, a tiny bit of fruit, but nothing more.
Lit Rating: 4/10; weird floral note overpowers the tiny bit of blackberry and butter cookie you get from this scent. Sort of perfumey, sort of floraly.
Throw Rating: 4/10; it stayed in the bedroom and didn't drift too far, just average.
Overall Rating: 4/10; I'm sad to report this is the first CFTKR scent I have not absolutely loved, but there is plenty more time to try all my other fabulous samples and purchased items! :)

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