Friday, December 7, 2012

Review: White Barn's Cranberry Woods 14.5 oz 3-Wick Candle

Very few things define fall and winter together. Pumpkins are mainly for Halloween, Christmas trees are, obviously, spoken for with Christmas...
(another terrible photo! What the heck is going on with my phone?!)
...but what about cranberry? Cranberry works for both fall AND winter holidays! They have earned themselves a place on the Thanksgiving table are often used in Christmas decorations. These little berries bring much joy and delight, to those of you who enjoy them.

Cranberry Woods combines a rustic, woodsy scent with cranberries and a very, very small amount of cinnamon to make one uber-powerful candle! I'm not sure what blackcurrants smell like, but there's definitely another subtle fruity note to this fragrance. The only disappointment about this candle is, on a second day burn, my candle sort of dudded out; luckily for me, it turned itself around! I really enjoy this candle, and Josh did too. I would absolutely repurchase this again!

White Barn's Cranberry Woods
Cold Rating: 7/10; surprisingly strong cranberry scent that is not too overpowered by the woods aspect.

Lit Rating: 8/10; a true delight for either fall OR winter! Super strong, although my particular candle had performance issues several times.

Throw Rating: 7/10; definitely traveled throughout the house, permeated the air, and it was as if we were picking cranberries in the, really!
Overall Rating: 7/10; a solid contender for one of my favorite fall fragrances!

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