Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wickless Wednesday: Bath & Body Works' Iced Gingerbread Gentle Foaming Soap

It's been a minute, Wickless Wednesday. It's not that I forgot about you, I've just had other things on my mind!

Last year, I sort of went stir-crazy with Bath & Body Works' anti-bacterial soaps. It's nice to know that we won't run out of soap any time soon. Plus, I like to include soaps or a small candle in Christmas gift bags, too! Also, their soaps are great just in case someone needs a gift on the fly, so it's great to have extras in a pinch. It's not like they expire!
When November 1st came around (coincidentally the same day we needed to get out a new soap), Josh and I decided on Iced Gingerbread; it sounded like a nice transitional scent from our Halloween soap (candy apple something-or-other) to fall. This version is from last year, but I'm sure it smells just as great! It isn't super heavy on the gingerbread spices or molasses, but it's definitely nice. There's also a very sweet icing scent to it, too, but not buttercreamy! If you squint your eyes, you might be able to see that this soap is almost completely gone, which means it's time for a new one! YAY for new soap! Overall, we give this 6/10; it could have a stronger smell, but it's nice enough!

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