Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wickless Wednesday: Bath & Body Works Cherry Blossom Fine Fragrance Mist

Good perfume/body spray is hard to come by, in my opinion. I've smelled most of the fragrance mists at one time or another from Bath & Body Works, with the exception of a few newer scents. Overall... of my favorites is Cherry Blossom. No, not Japanese Cherry Blossom, just straight Cherry Blossom. As you can see, in the two months I've had it, I've used quite a bit! This scent often goes by the wayside because B&BW offers so many other different and more versatile fragrances...bottom line, people forget about this scent. I had no idea it existed until I swapped out a few fine fragrance mists from an online order; I thought I would love them, ended up hating them, and exchanged them. Well friends, this is an alluring, sexy mix of floral with slightly fruity notes mixed in. It's a bit musky, a bit feminine...all in all, one of my favs! On cold sniff, 8/10. While wearing, 6.5/10: as with so many other B&BW fragrances, the scent doesn't stick around long, but you can get wisps of it throughout the day. The throw/longevity is about 6/10, for a 7/10 overall total. Hopefully it doesn't go away anytime soon!


  1. Have you sniffed the new one, Forever Red? I got a tiny bottle of it in my Influenster box and love it.


    1. I haven't smelled this one yet! I've always just walked right by it because it's so expensive. Maybe I'll pick up a small bottle tomorrow when I go into the store! Thanks for the idea! :)


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