Friday, February 8, 2013

Haul: Streetman Candle Company Customer Appreciation Sale

Heather Streetman from Streetman Candle Co. was having a 15% off sale, and you know me and sales...with all the Snap Sticks I still have, I didn't want to get a lot of stuff, but there were a few new scents I was dying to try. I placed a small order, so here's a look at what I got! The total came out to about $26, I think, so not bad!
I like to take the "notes" section to say thanks to the vendors for having sales and being generally awesome. Since I've "done business" with Heather a lot (mostly from the Simply Sensational Sampler), she thanked be back for helping support her business and the SSS box! She also left me a funny note about shutting the blinds next time I do a YouTube video so they can't see in  our house (in the last unboxing video I did for the SSS box, the guy in the complex above ours [we're at the bottom of an slight hill/embankment] was on his patio standing and peering into our window from his balcony, LOL).
I also told her BURRO, which is a running joke in her Facebook group (her husband, Tony, made a scent called Juan's Burro Ride, and has apparently gone Burro crazy). She affirms that her Cafe Au Lait Shake scent is still better. :P
Along with my order (and all orders, I'd assume), she sends sampler! Mine were in Caribbean Breeze, which is a nice tropical scent, and Pistachio Cake Pop...pistachio seems to be all the rage these days, and this one has a nice nutty cake smell).
Onto my order! I pretty much just got scent shots, which are $1.60 a piece. I got:
-Lavender Memories: this scent is fresh lavender and vanilla, and you definitely get both on cold sniff! I love it!

-Coconut & Lime: a nice balance of the two scents, but different than B&BW's coconut lime verbena (obviously there's no verbena in this); this is a really nice, fruity scent!

-Ice Cream Scoop Bread: while the breadiness is still there, it's muted by the ice cream. One of my favorite scents from any vendor, and this is no exception. Sweet, yet delicious!

-Juan's Burro Ride: INFINITE AWESOMENESS. This is a coffee scent, and it's AMAZING. Perfect, just like I was brewing a pot of that sweet liquid gold right now...
This was ALSO included in my order. When I took it out of the box, I laughed my freaking head off. Heather and Tony are so fun! It's nice to find a vendor with a sense of humor. On her group page, she said Tony left a border so the photo can be framed. Will do, guys, will do! :P
Next we have:
-Cake Batter Ice Cream: I have a hunch this will get stronger as time let's it cure, and right now, it smells like the faint Coldstone ice cream confection! Delicious!

-Spiced Apples: A repurchase, I got this in Snap Stick form and LOVED it, just like any other spicy apple scent. If you're a fan of this, try it, it's amazing!

-Lavender Sheets: a more herbally lavender mixed again with vanilla, and a hint of something I can't place, maybe coconut? This one is really, really lovely, and will be a good "laundry day" scent.

-Lime Passion: my favorite scent of the entire order. It smells like a really limey drink. I love it, and it will definitely be strong when it cures. Mmmmmm!!
Finally, the reason for the order. I am a sucker for weird shapes and sizes and colors and scents. I saw these on the website and HAD TO buy's a closer look!
SKULLS, BRAINS, AND BATS!! How cool is that?! (unintentional rhyme time!!)
These are scented in Serendipity, of course, and Heather's version of this scent is one of my favorites. To me, it's more cherry than coconut, but you still get that note in there. It is SO STRONG on cold sniff, I can only imagine how fantastic it will smell in a few weeks. I am so excited! Josh LOVED these, and I wanted to see his reaction when he opened them. He thought they were so cool! An 8oz. bag of these suckers was $6.50 (discount factored in).

Anywho, that's my tiny haul! I foresee another order with this company in the future, as Heather is always coming up with new, fun scents. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed!


  1. Streetman is on my list of vendors to try some day. Unfortunately a lot of vendors have been pushed back THANKS TO YOU!!
    I love that they have a sense of humor!! I shall march my little tush to Facebook right now and search for their group. Especially since I'm a little peeved that I missed out on a sale LOL.

    Those skull, brain, and bat tarts are so CUTE!! Cute in a macabre way, of course, but I LOVE THEM! I'm such a dweeb for special shaped tarts.

    1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Their sense of humor makes me keep going back to them. Plus, they are so connected with the people in their FB group!

      I usually pass shapes by in lieu of new scents, but these were too cute to pass up...we LOVED them!

  2. Ummm that brain tart is amazing!! This vendor is always on my "to-order" list but I never seem to get around to it. I'll need to move them to the top of my list and place an order soon! I always hear such great things.

    1. I think I read somewhere she was having a sale at the middle or end of summer, if you are looking for that sort of thing! Her appreciation sale just ended, but her stuff is definitely worth the price...SO GOOD!!


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