Thursday, February 14, 2013

Review: Slatkin & Co.'s Spiced Apple Toddy

Around our house, the spicier, the better...
...well, in terms of cinnamon, that is.
I personally LOVE spicy food. If you're talking about habaneros, jalapenos, or hot sauce, then Josh is not a fan (for me, stuff can't get hot enough!)...
...but if we're talking about cinnamon, we're both there with nostrils ready for sniffin' and our mouths a'ready for eatin'. We can't get enough of cinnamon, clove, know, baking spices.
Josh bought me the 14.5 oz, 3-wick Spiced Apple Toddy candle from Bath & Body Works as a Christmas gift. I was reluctant because, when I was in the store, I smelled this candle and thought it smelled way too caramel-filled. What I think happened was someone switched the candle and lid because this scent is brilliant! It is a great mix of mulled cider, a slight alcohol note (brandy), tart cranberry, (plum, too, but I don't necessarily get that note) and a hint of spices. The apple in this is so strong!

Luckily, I have not had any issues with this candle, as you can see, the wax pool is deep and even, and the wicks have been alright, even though they are pretty thin. Overall, I would repurchase this a thousand times! It was a very lovely fall and winter time of scent. I have been trying to burn it to finish it, so I burn it when we are in the living room for long periods of time, and it always lasts at least 4 hours. Love it!

Slatkin & Co.'s Spiced Apple Toddy
Cold Rating7.5/10; you get all of the notes individually on cold sniff: apples/cider, spices, cranberry, a hint of alcohol...just great on cold sniff, super strong!
Lit Rating: 8.5/10; marvelous! Everything has come together nicely on each burn! I have had no problems with this candle. One of my favorites and I didn't even know it!
Throw Rating8/10; this candle lingers throughout the entire house while warming AND once it's extinguished! It consistently overpowers whatever I've got going in the bedroom (if we're in the living room, or vice versa).
Overall Rating: 8/10; I am happy to report this is one of the best scents I tried of what I purchased/received from Bath & Body Works last year! I will definitely repurchase this...I am so impressed! Going to finish it up today or tomorrow, and I'm kicking myself for not buying more when they were on sale this weekend (BAN, ugh!). Try this one! :)


  1. This one was a real gem! I only had a mini and even that was great!

    Is it just me, or do Slatkin candles burn beautifully now!?

    1. Slatkin/B&BW candles have been performing SO well this year! Even if they start out slow, they end up being a dream burn! I am so glad they seemed to listen to customers and have tried to correct their issue!

  2. This one sounds really good! Maybe I'll try it next year if they offer it.

    I'm like you. I love spicy hot food. Although one time I was at a Thai restaurant and they asked me how hot I wanted my items. I said 9 because normally I can handle spice. But not this time. I was dying. My eyes were watering up and I thought my mouth was on fire. But I love jalapenos and I put Sriracha hot sauce on almost everything.

    1. You should try it if you like Leaves, it's similar!

      Is it SoCal, do you think? Almost everyone I know is this way! I love spicy, have you heard they made SRIRACHA LAY'S CHIPS???? Omg....must acquire as soon as possible...

  3. This one smells so similar to Leaves to me, maybe that's why you loved it so much ;-D I love cinnamon too, and the stronger the better!

    1. That's what I thought, a sort of sweeter version of Leaves! It's very nice, I wish they had them in store still!


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