Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Review: Lasting Scent Candles Cloved Cinnamon

Has a scent ever knocked you off your (proverbial) feet?
Well, this one kicked me to the curb and then some!

Lasting Scent Candles is a new-to-me vendor with a long turnaround time and a lot of mystique surrounding them. People swear by their tarts; people have even gone as far as to say they are some of the strongest out there. You know me, I like to find out for myself.

...and if this is what I have to go on, I am highly impressed.

Cloved Cinnamon is just that, clove and cinnamon (more cinnamon and clove, though), and I mean the strongest as strong can be. It smells veeeery similar to Scentsy's Cinnamon Bear mixed with Hot Tamales candy (yes, I know they are virtually identical scent-wise, but the addition of one into the other is how strong this is).

I am in love. This lasted at least 8 hours and I will DEFINITELY be repurchasing this, if it ever comes back (I am pretty sure it was limited/discontinued). Lasting Scent Candles is definitely making an impact in my book!

Lasting Scent Candles Cloved Cinnamon
Cold Rating8.5/10; super strong on cold sniff, and I didn't even let it cure more than 3 days! I wanted to melt it so bad...I couldn't resist the spiciness! Also, not important, but I loved the fiery red color of the wax.
Lit Rating9/10; lots of cinnamon and clove, but heavier on the cinnamon. Very similar if not identical to Scentsy's Cinnamon Bear, but less artificially spicy (I was not overly a fan of Cinnamon Bear).
Throw Rating8.5/10; amazing throw. Really strong in the bedroom and we could absolutely smell it in the living room. Lasting Scent has proven to be amazing when it comes to strength, based on the few things I have melted from them.
Overall Rating: 8.5/10; one of the best scents I have melted to date. Cinnamon. Clove. Red Hots. Hot Tamales. Cinnamon Bears. Atomic Fireballs. Hot. Spice. Nice. All in one. So, so, so good. (Also, regarding their long TAT, I don't mind this: it's like surprise wax when I forget it's coming!)


  1. I placed two LSC orders this month...while on my wax ban. ;)

  2. This makes me wish so much that I would have ordered this scent!! It sounds amazing, I just love spicy cinnamon scents.


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