Friday, February 15, 2013

Review: Streetman Candle Company's Almond Cookie

It has been thoroughly documented through this blog that I love to eat sweets, but am not necessarily a fan of sweet scents. Cookies are especially lovely...with a nice cuppa coffee...on a cold winter's day...but sometimes, cookie scents can be too buttery and icky....
It has also been documented that I am a sucker for weird scents or tart shapes. Well, Streetman Candle Company makes these awesome Snap Sticks! I'm sure I've talked about them before, but in case I haven't, you basically snap off the amount of wax you want and throw it right in the warmer! Very convenient!

I have yet to burn any of my Snap Sticks from the sampler I bought because I wanted to give them at least a month of cure time, just to be sure. As an aside, I try to let all of my wax (except for B&BW/Yankee candles) cure for at least a month to ensure proper and/or decent scent throw. I pulled Almond Cookies out of the box first, snapped it in half, and threw it in the warmer. Within 20 minutes, our bedroom was filled with the amazing aroma of cracking, crispy cookies and a slight hint of almond. In an hour, the almond scent permeated the air and intermingled with the cookie to create a wonderful and delicious scented home! I was so surprised how strong and long this was because almond always seems so delicate...boy, can it pack a punch! It lasted all day long, from about 11am until 10pm. I was so, so good, and I am definitely an almond fan, a Streetman fan, and a Snap Stick fan!

Streetman Candle Company's Almond Cookie
Cold Rating7/10; this is pretty strong on cold sniff, surprisingly, because I always assumed almond cookies would be a light scent! Preconceived notions SMASHED!
Lit Rating: 7.5/10; I am running out of ways to say "this was so good!" It was super airy yet buttery and sweet, a gentle yet powerful (confused yet?) mix of lacy and buttery cookie with almonds, simply delicious. You actually smell the 'toastedness' as if you were baking cookies in your own home!
Throw Rating6.5/10; it wasn't too terribly strong, but it was more than average. It lingered throughout the bedroom and bathroom, but not so much into the living room.
Overall Rating: 7/10; insta-fan of this one within an hour. Very nice, yet gave me room to breathe, if that makes any sense. Made me want cookies. DEFINITE repurchase! I think it would be a really good mixer in other scents like Serendipity, too!


  1. This sounds amazing! One day I will try some Streetman =)

    1. You must keep them in mind, her scents are amazingly realistic!


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