Monday, February 25, 2013

Review: Rosegirls Strawberries and Cream and Wildberry

Strawberries are amazing, don't you agree? There's a breakfast restaurant in San Diego (that we may or may not call OHOP...not IHOP, but OHOP) that makes a daaaaaamn good strawberry crepe.
Mmmmmmmmm, crepes.....
(That remote is in every picture....ugh. *mental note to self* MOVE THE REMOTE!!!)
I've become quite a fruity tart fan, as well as a bakery fan. Rosegirls Strawberries and Cream and Wildberry is a really good mix of fruits and creaminess! You get the wildberry first, strawberry second, and the creaminess somewhere in between. With all this being said, I think it might be great mixed with marshmallow smoothie or vanilla bean noel, and would repurchase it in a blend. It was also suuuuper strong...almost knock your socks off strong. My love for Rosegirls does not need to be rehashed, and if you haven't tried them, you need to. They are only opened once a month, so act quick when they reopen!

Rosegirls Strawberries and Cream and Wildberries 
Cold Rating: 7/10; I get mostly wildberries on cold sniff, but strawberries is a secondary (fainter) note. Creaminess ensues.
Lit Rating: 8/10; almost like smelling an actual bowl of fruit and cream! Very realistic, and lasted a long time, about 6 hours!
Throw Rating: 8.5/10; like I said, super strong! Could smell this throughout the house.
Overall Rating: 8/10; simply stunned at the realistic scents involved here. Not a fake strawberry! Love of Rosegirls growing. Better in a blend?? Wondering if frozen fruits have as many health benefits as fresh ones.


  1. Someone get me a towel, I'm drooling over here. This sounds amazing. I have a similar blend in my order from Feb 1st, I think it's strawberry jam instead of the strawberries and cream scent. I can't wait!

  2. Ohhhh, this sounds so good! I think I ordered two strawberry scents on February 1st.


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