Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Review: The Happy Little Bee's Orange Buttercream Cupcake

Do you like cupcakes? I certainly do. Have you had orange buttercream cupcakes? Neither have I...
...but if they taste anything like this scent shot smelled, I am an instant fan.

Orange Buttercream Cupcake from The Happy Little Bee is sweet. It is buttery. It is most certainly creamy! It's a bright orange citrus mixed with what would be the best, most delicious tasting yellow-cake-and-orange-frosted cupcake EVER (if it existed in real life).

This scent is not typical of something I would enjoy, and yet I LOVE it. I can't get over it! It lasted about 4.5 hours in my 24-watt hot plate warmer. I swear I still smell it lingering 3 hours after I turned it off, though! We really, really liked this a lot. Besides the fact that her labels are cute (which has nothing to do with this tart, it just had to be mentioned), it seems that the owner's (Deb's) tarts are really that much better with just a little bit of cure time. Ugh, I am so sad this is gone because I would melt it again right now if I had another! Ahhh, c'est la vie. Next order I make (and it's looking like I will, eventually!), I will get this one!

The Happy Little Bee's Orange Buttercream Cupcake
Cold Rating6/10; I mainly smell a sweet and buttery orange frosting on cold sniff, but it is strange that I liked it so much.
Lit Rating: 7/10;  I had my doubts, but this was simply fantastic. Creamy and sweet, yet bright and surprising. You really get the orange, the buttercream, and the tasty cupcake notes individually AND mixed together!
Throw Rating6.5/10; this scent was fairly strong! It lingered out into the living room (we were playing Mario Kart and I could smell the citrus in this every now and then). My only complaint is that I wish it had lasted a bit longer, it started to get pretty "waxy" smelling after 4 hours (I let it go a little too long, I think, so it started to smell funky).
Overall Rating: 6.5/10; this deserves every point it garnered! Another example of why you can't necessarily say "I don't like bakery scents, YEAH, LAUREN" (did I just scold myself in writing???)...if you get a chance to try out this company, give this scent a's really nice! :)


  1. I actually have had orange buttercream cupcakes and they are delicious! Lol! This sounds really good, I'd like to try this company one day!

    1. YOU HAVE?!?!? Who knew they were real!? Well...this more so than ICE CREAM SCOOP BREAD, lol! Sometimes wax has weeeeeird ideas of what foods should go together, lol.


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