Friday, February 8, 2013

Review: Tiffany Candles Red Velvet Cake (NEW SCENT)

Red velvet cake is all the rage in Southern California right it like that in other parts of the country and/or world? Everywhere I go, I feel like I see red velvet ice cream/yogurt, or red velvet baked goods, red velvet candles, or red velvet flavored air...(and while I made the last one up, I'm sure you can get it in Las Vegas at those $20 per hit air bars, so technically I'm not joking???....). It's good, but it's not great.
This is one of my favorite scents from the Tiffany Candles sampler. It's dead on to what I think red velvet cake smells like in real life. It was pretty strong, too, and lasted about 7 hours. I am floored by Tiffany's ability to make realistic wax versions of real-life foods. This one was chocolatey and a touch sweet...I'm not sure if cream cheese frosting was supposed to me in this, but I swear I smelled that creamy, delicious note of frosting mixed in between cake and chocolate. If my actual red velvet cupcake/yogurt/air tasted as good as this smelled, I would be an instant fan for life.

Tiffany Candles Red Velvet Cake
Cold Rating: 6/10; right off the bat, you smell chocolate (which, in case you didn't know, is all red venlvet cake it, chocolate cake with a ton of red food coloring), and that's about it.
Lit Rating: 8.5/10; I am SO impressed with this scent! It is AMAZINGLY dead-on to red velvet cake, right down to a subtle cream cheese frosting kind of note! It is SO good!
Throw Rating: 7/10; the throw on this was pretty good, and lingered through the house a bit.
Overall Rating: 7/10; ridiculously close to the real thing and one of the best and more realistic cake scents I have smelled. Unfortunately, I am out of the 2 I had. Burning desire for cake again.


  1. Did you send me your LAST ONE of this?!!? I was looking at the picture thinking "Why does that seem so familiar?" and then my eyes fell on the extras from the destash and I was like O_______O NO. WAY.

    In any case, thanks for spreading the love!! I love that red velvet cake smell but had a fairly bad experience with it with another vendor. You give me hope for an awesome, eat-even-though-it's-wax smell!!

    1. Yes, but I wanted you to try some of Tiffany's new wax! I hope you end up enjoying it as much as I (surprisingly) did!! :D


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