Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Review: Butterfly Lane's Peppermint Cake

Every year for my mom's birthday, my grandma makes her a peppermint/candy cane angel food cake. It's tradition. And it's delicious. Is it December yet?
Butterfly Lane is a new-to-me vendor. I placed a small order a while back for some scent shots and some heart tarts. Peppermint Cake intrigued me because I thought it might be similar to the cake I have smelled in real life, so I got it to compare.

This is way different, but in a good way!

While the peppermint note is super strong, the cake is not chocolate (thank goodness), but not quite me, it's almond! Creamy cake mixed with powerful almond and's amazing. Even in the scent shot cup today, I can still smell both notes clearly, as if the wax was still there. This is a brilliant blend! I am such a fan. It was surprisingly strong, too. In total, I had this melting, oh, 6-7 hours? The peppermint died down in about 4ish hours, but was still in the background some. This scent is a definite repurchase!

Butterfly Lane's Peppermint Cake 
Cold Rating: 7/10; a wonderful marriage of almond cake and peppermint!
Lit Rating: 8/10; this is a really lovely scent! Very minty, very cakey, very "pretty" smelling. Josh liked this one, too!
Throw Rating: 6.5/10; I could smell wisps of this around the living room, but it wasn't as strong there as it was in the bedroom. Overall, it was a medium-slightly high scent throw.
Overall Rating: 7/10; memories of my grandma's peppermint angel food cake. Unfortunate use of a dozen eggs. Kate Smith. Yum!


  1. That sounds like a great scent! Now I wanna order from Butterfly Lane!

  2. That sounds amazing!! I had Peppermint Cake Bites from CFTKR and was disappointed to discover that the cake was chocolate =( This one sounds right up my alley!


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