Friday, February 22, 2013

Review: Sweet Fixations' Pink Fruit Loops

In my year of exploring wax vendors and scents, I have really come to love all things fruit loops. It really is a wonderful duplicate of the cereal. Sometimes, things edge into Trix territory, but that's okay, because at the end of the day, I know that sweet, fruity mix is going to make me entire house smell wonderful for hours to come.
Y'all know me and decorations on tarts: the cuter, the better. This little tart from Sweet Fixations had AN ACTUAL FRUIT LOOP in the middle of it! Fearing the worst type of melt-down on the desk, I removed the piece of cereal. But, look at that cool purple tart with the awesome pink glitter! Major points in my book for creativity on the tart as well as on the label!

This scent is a really wonderful blend! You definitely smell both scents on cold sniff, and you get both notes while melting this tart as well. Sometimes it's heavier on the pink, sometimes it's heavier on the 'loop. It wasn't too strong and the scent stayed mostly in the bedroom. I would definitely repurchase this scent, and I would eventually love to have a fruit loops candle! I really enjoyed it, and Josh got a kick out of it, too!

Sweet Fixations' Pink Fruit Loops 
Cold Rating: 6/10; you can pick up on the pink sugar right away! The fruit loops is a little more subdued on cold sniff, but it comes out after a while.
Lit Rating: 7/10; great blend, and a great dupe for the popular cereal! I really enjoyed this one, and I liked that I could smell more pink sugar sometimes, more fruit loops other times, and a blend all the time! :)
Throw Rating: 6/10; It wasn't terribly strong, but it wasn't weak by any means. It just wasn't more than middle of the road.
Overall Rating: 6.5/10; rounded slightly up on this one as well! This is something any pink sugar or fruit loops fan would enjoy. Love, love, LOVE the decoration, as well as the cool label! Infinite love of children's breakfast cereals coming from this household. :)

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  1. I am absolutely addicted to Fruit Loop scents! I have a sampler from FP on it's way to me now, I couldn't be more excited!


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