Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weekend Wax Review: February 1-3

This week has been WAAAAAAAAY less stressful than last week. We saw "Gangster Squad," which was really great! We also got to spend time with friends and family. Anywho, let's get to the meltin', shall we!?

Well, before I get you like the way I do things now, a WEEKEND wax review, or would you rather I up it to either 1 or 2 posts a week, for a WEEKLY wax review?? Your opinions are valued! :)
This photo shows 4 cubes, but 2 were used a different I actually finished my clamshell from The Bathing Garden in Sleigh Ride. Either this or Jack Frost was on my project wax, but at one time, I think I might have switched the two?? I don't really remember...anywho, this was a nice minty scent with hints of woods and vanilla. On cold sniff, 6/10. While warming, 6/10. The throw was a 6.5/10, for a total of 6/10. If Shannon makes this one next Christmas, I'd consider repurchasing it.
Orange was a sample I received in a Tiffany Candles order from a loooooooooong time ago, but found it at the bottom of a box somewhere. This one was nice, but not super strong. I'm not really a fan of straight scents (only one scent, nothing mixed in), and this was basically just orange to me. On cold sniff, 5.5/10. While warming, 4/10. The throw was a 3.5/10, for a total of 4/10. Not a repurchase, but would be a good scent to add in a blend, I think!
Yet another sample I received, this time from the Simply Sensational Sampler box (November edition). Pumpkin Spiced Zucchini Bread is actually one of the few zucchini blends I've enjoyed! There was definitely bread in this, but no butter, and not that moist, salty smell I get from most ZB blends. On cold sniff, 5.5/10. While warming, though, it jumps up to a 7/10, great job! The throw was decent with a 6/10, for a total of 6/10, and I think I might try Tiffany's zucchini bread scent again! :)
Celtic Moonspice is one of my absolute favorite scents. Ever. This version from The Bathing Garden is no exception. It's spicy, a touch bakery, a hint a wonderful, fragrant and spice-filled kitchen! On cold sniff, 7.5/10. The warming rating is 8.5/10, just fabulous. The throw was pretty good at 7/10, for a total 7.5/10, and an absolute repurch!!
I have been burning my Egyptian Cotton candle a lot lately, too. It's a very fresh and clean scent, like laundry! This was a Marshall's find for only $9.99...why buy from their site anymore? It sort of smells faintly like a candle I smelled at Kohl's called Simply Home Soft Cotton. On cold sniff, 7/10. While burning, 6.5/10. The throw started out measly but grew to a 7/10, for a total of 7/10. The World Journeys candles are AWESOME!
Not a great photo, but I have been melting my stress relief candle a lot lately, too. This is a 4 oz. candle from Tiffany Candles, you can read my thoughts on it here!
Candles By Victoria's Bath Time With Pooh sounded right up my alley. It's a dupe for a Lush soap called Honey I Washed The Kids. I have never smelled this, but I'm sure it smells great. This was the first scent shot I melted from my first CBV order, so as usual, I plopped the entire thing in...BIG mistake. This was so overwhelmingly soapy that we had to turn it off after only 2 1/2 hours. On cold sniff, 6/10. While warming, 6/10, until it got so overwhelming. The throw (for the entire thing) was crazy strong at an 8/10, for a total of 6.5/10, and a lesson well earned.
Bear Claw scents have been hit and miss for me, so I decided to give Carol from CFTKR's version a try. This is exactly how I thought a bear claw should smell: warm, inviting, touches of spice, butter, hints of almond, flaky pastry, and a dash of honey. Delicious. On cold sniff, 6.5/10. While warming, 7.5/10, but super sweet after a while. The throw was a 6.5/10 as well, for a grand total of 7/10! Definitely a repurchase.
 ...I guess I haven't learned my lesson about zucchini bread yet. I keep thinking I will find one I love and stick with it, but the underlying butter, salt, and moistness of the zucchini bread completely turns me off. On cold sniff, 7/10, I had high hopes. While warming, 4/10, now keep in mind, this is just my opinion, I'm sure you ZB fiends would LOVE this blend, but I find the lemon was completely nonexistent. The throw was a 6/10, for a total of 5.5/10, and while this was a sample, I wouldn't buy it.
 Each night, I find myself wanting peppermint to lull me to sleep. JMae's Soaps & Candles has a really nice and strong peppermint! Well done, Jamie! Ignore this photo, though, I had melted the last 3 cubes at night (I wanted an extra punch, so I added a third cube)...I just forgot to take a photo of my first melt. :) On cold sniff, 6/10, straight peppermint. While warming, 7/10, packs a decent punch! The throw wasn't super strong, a 5.5/10 (though I don't necessarily want a lingering peppermint in the house...), for a total of 6/10! I can't get enough peppermint, lately.
Fruity Fruit Loops is a combination of fresh fruit slices and fruit loops. It was definitely heavier on the fruit slices, but I ended up adding an extra fruit loops tart to this so balance it out. It was nice. On cold sniff, 6/10. While warming, 5.5/10. The throw wasn't too bar or good, at a 6/10, for a total of 6/10.
I have been LOVING my order from Jaimie Lauren Cupcakery & Confections in Wax (JLCCW)...her tarts are ridiculously scented and STRONG. Cinnamon Vanilla + Coffee Cake was a blend she created from my order, and it is so spicy! You get a hint of coffee cake, but mostly a delicious blend of spiceiness. On cold sniff, 7/10. While warming, 7.5/10. The throw was solid, at a 7.5/10, for a total of 7.5/10! Just delicious!
Another JLCCW tart, this time in a blend of Nana's Kitchen + Apple Butterscotch Cake. This one was HEAVY on the apple butterscotch cake, with hints of spices intermingled in there. This is a  fresh apple, not a artificial one. I should also note, these were my samples, but if you purchase these puzzle piece tarts, 100% of the proceeds goes to the Autism Society (Jaimie Lauren, her daughter, is on the autism spectrum). On cold sniff, this one is a 7/10. While warming, 7.5/10. The throw is decent at a 6.5/10, for a total of 7/10! Yum!
Here's a close-up of the piece of wax itself. Very cute, and they help out a great cause! This blend of Serendipity + Vanilla Bean Noel was fantastic, but it didn't last very long for some reason, about 3.5-4 hours. But the smell was amaaaaaazing. On cold sniff, 8/10. While warming, 8/10, but the throw is where it dips a bit, 6/10, for a grand total of 7/10. Loving this company!
Hawaii Five O Cake from Pics, Petals & Scents is a really nice combination of cake (obvs) and tropical notes, like fruits and coconut! It was pretty good! On cold sniff, 6/10, while warming 6.5/10. The throw was a 6/10, for a total of 6/10!
These Root Beer tart sticks smelled EXACTLY like root beer, it was ridiculous! The bubbly aspect of soda was there, too. We really, really liked it! On cold sniff, 7/10. While warming, 8/10. The throw was great at a 7.5/10, for a total of 7.5/10! I need to place an order with PPS sometime!
Frutopia  from Tiffany Candles is a mix of mango papaya and strawberry passion, and unfortunately, it was not a favorite of mine. This barely lasted an hour, but it was the old wax blend. On cold sniff, 6/10, but while warming, 4/10. The throw was a 4/10, for a total of 4/10.
Finally, we've got a combination of pink sugar and love spell, or Pink Panties. This one was VERY wonderful, and lasted a long time, pretty much overnight. On cold sniff, 7/10. While warming, 7.5/10. The throw was a 6/10, for a total of 7/10!

Have a great week, all, and happy melting! :)


  1. CFTKR does have an amazing Bear Claws. So good!

    I want to try Jaime Lauren's Cupcakery. People seem to like her stuff.

    1. You should try JLCCW in March! She's on eBay, but her stuff is toooootally worth it!!

  2. I just made my first Front Porch haul today.. I know you didn't mention anything about them in this post, but I had to say it somewhere or I was going to explode.
    I would love it if you increased the number of wax reviews. It means more reading for me, yaaaaay!
    I have been having a craving for peppermint scents as well, which is weird because I haven't liked peppermint scents since I got a flu right after having a ton of peppermint flavored candy and hurled that stuff all over my bed. It REEKED of peppermint. That was in 2nd grade. Yay for disgusting anecdotes!!
    I'm trying to decide whether I want to have my next order from Haley's Heavenly Scents or CFTKR. Decision decisions...

    1. Oooh, what did you buy from Front Porch!??!

      I will definitely try and up my posts, then! Thanks for your feedback. :)

      OMG, what a story about peppermint, lol!

      HHS has free shipping and 2 free packs over $ really can't go wrong. I'd hold off on CFTKR for now because Carol's stock is pretty dwindled right now...she got waaaay over-saturated with orders!

    2. I got the spring and valentine samplers, one single tart in blue sugar, and a 4-pack in serendipity. I've never tried serendipity before... so let's hope I like it!!


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