Saturday, February 9, 2013

Review: Tiffany Candles Totally Scrumtpious (NEW SCENT)

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How many of you remember those chocolate oranges that you'd whack really hard to break open into segments? Those were so fun, huh!?
Well, I've heard Totally Scrumptious compared to that candy. I sort of get that because there's definitely orange and most certainly chocolate, but there's also a strange floral note mixed in here...I don't know if that was intentional, but it's definitely out of place. The throw was in the middle of the range, it stayed mostly in the bedroom; however, the scent lasted a good 5+ hours. Would I repurchase? I don't know...I might blend this in a candle with something else!

Tiffany Candles Totally Scrumptious
Cold Rating6/10; the smell of orange and chocolate mix in between the weird floral note. Not sure why it's so dominant, but it is sort of throwing me off.
Lit Rating5.5/10; again, that out of place floral hinders me from enjoying this to its full potential.
Throw Rating5.5/10; it mostly stayed in the bedroom, but as I said, it did last a couple hours longer than I thought it would. It grew on my after a while, but not by much.
Overall Rating: 5.5/10; alright, but not the best. Desperate desire for a chocolate orange.


  1. Hmmm not much of a fan of chocolate and orange together. I think I'll be passing on this one. Maybe it would be good blended with something else though. Sugar cookie, perhaps?

    1. I agree, I will most likely pass on this one...the weird floral note still sticks out in my head! It might be good with sugar cookie or with buttercream cupcake, which would make it be bakery. Tiffany's Sugar Cookie is my fav. because it's so almondy!


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