Thursday, February 7, 2013

Melt-A-Palooza: Leaves Showdown!

Do you like Leaves from Bath & Body Works? It was one of the bests scents I discovered during my first year of being a scent addict, and will probably always be a top 10 favorite for me. While browsing vendor websites, I try to see if they offer a Leaves dupe, which is an attempt by said vendor to duplicate the B&BW scent (in their own version); if they do, I buy it! Here is my latest Melt-A-Palooza: "The Leaves" Showdown!
Beezy-Tarts, overall, performs extremely well, in my opinion; the throw is usually crazy strong and each scent seems to last a long time. Their products have impressed me, not that there was any reason to doubt their excellence, I had always heard FANTASTIC things about this company, and I am looking forward to ordering from John again!. His version of Leaves is no exception; of the ones I tried, it was by far the strongest of the vendors I tried. It lasted over 8 hours, too, which is fantastic.
Ollie's Soaps' Leaves, in one simple tart, performed almost as well as an entire 2oz. Beezy Tart cup. The strength hovers around a 6.5/10. While Beezy's was the strongest, Ollie's Soaps lasted the longest, about 7 hours total, without wavering scent strength.
The version of Leaves from Candles From The Keeping Room was great, as know, I'm starting to think there is no bad version of Leaves! Carol's attempt at this scent is a bit more maple-centric than the others. While you get the underlying Leaves notes of apple, cinnamon, and a deep clove, to me, this seemed to be a touch sweeter than the Bath & Body Works scent. Still, it lasted over 6 hours (2 tarts, but I really could have used 1 and been fine), and I enjoyed it thoroughly.
Sugar & Spice Gourmet also had a version of Leaves! This was the most woodsy of all the Leaves types I tried. You got the main note of apple, but the undertone, well, overtone, was woods and trees. It wasn't bad, though, just different. Sort of like if Leaves and Cranberry Woods had a baby with very minimal cranberry. I liked this one, too, but it wasn't a dead-on dupe.
One of my favorite companies lately has been Butterfly Lane Scents. While their products have usually been outstanding, unfortunately, their Leaves dupe was the least successful of this wasn't bad, it just didn't throw at all. On cold sniff, it was great, very fragrant, but I've let my order cure for at least 2 1/2 weeks now, and this just didn't do anything at all. I was disappointed to say the least!
Finally, we have Tiffany Candles vision of the popular Leaves scent. This one was very close, but it didn't last as long as some of the others, about 3.5-4 hours. There was lots of apple in this one. I really enjoyed it, and if you want a candle in the Leaves fragrance, go here, their candles are solid burns EVERY FREAKING TIME!!

Hope this gives you some insight on the many, many attempts at duping Leaves! :)


  1. So, you really like Leaves eh? Lol! I'm not the biggest fan of Leaves myself but I got it from Sugar and Spice Gourmet Soy as a freebie and I ended up really liking their version! I agree that it's a bit different from the Bath and Body Works version. Anyways, great reviews and I'm glad you've found so many versions of Leaves that you like!

  2. I like posts like this, comparing all the vendors' version of a specific scent! I recently got Leaves from LSC, but haven't melted it yet!

  3. Thank you for doing this! I LOVE Leaves and I was wondering who offered the best dupe.


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