Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Review: Beezy-Tarts' Mulled Cider

Do you have a Trader Joe's near your area?
If so, during the fall/winter, try their Spiced Apple Cider...
...trust me, I'm doing you a favor. That stuff is liquid amazement. It's got a shelf life of a millennium, apparently. We make sure to buy 3 or 4 extras before they get bought up by the masses (Trader Joe's, in case you didn't know, is notorious for having something one day and not the next).
Pretty much any tart/scent with the word "cider," "apple," "spice," or "mulled" I will want to try. They are generally pretty amazing.

Beezy-Tart's version of mulled cider is more apple than spice, though there is a teeeeeeeeeny weeny bit of spice if you smell really close! The apple is definitely the dominant note, and boy, is it intense. It is the fresh apple I've talked about so many times before, not the fake, candied, sweet apple. This was in the destash I bought from a gal on Facebook, and it's the size of a sample (I know because I have receiving similar items from Beezy-Tarts in this size), so I'm pretty sure it was her sample. For it being such a small tart, it really was ridiculously strong...I've had chunks that weren't even this intense. It's nose-clearing-ly strong!

I really like this, but my only complaint is I wish it had more spice. To be a true mulled cider scent, I think there must be at least 50%-50% apple/spice. This was more like 80%-20% apple/spice. That's not much of a complaint, I suppose. This lasted a whopping 7 hours, and I see myself purchasing this again to blend with something spicy on my own!

Beezy-Tarts' Mulled Cider
Cold Rating7.5/10; almost all apple, but not a complaint! Loving apple all-the-live-long-day. Not ready for spring/summer scents yet.
Lit Rating8/10; hints of spice more apparent on warm throw. Just a great fall/winter/I want it back now type of scent. Beezy-Tarts has been rising on my top vendors lost!
Throw Rating9/10; I think I could smell this coming up the walkway...and the back door was shut... :O
Overall Rating: 8/10; amazed at some vendors' ability to make tarts this strong. Fresh apple. Lack of spice. Hoarding of Trader Joe's juice. Bomb shelter.


  1. I loooove Trader Joes. It's where I do my weekly shopping. I like when they ask, "Did you find everything you need" at the check out. The answer is usually no since you as mentioned, they discontinue stuff all the time but I always say yes just to be polite. ;)

    1. Totally agreed! They have some of the nicest cashiers I have ever encountered, too! What are your favorite products from there? We love their salted caramel ice cream sauce, their pita chips, their weird cheese, fresh veggies, and the roasted red pepper soup!

    2. Oh my god, too many to name. If you look in my fridge and cupboards, it's about 75% Trader Joes. The last two times I've moved, I had to make sure that a Trader Joe's was near my apartment. I like their lunch salads, I always buy at least 3 a week. And for frozen food: Arugula Pizza, Mac and Cheese and Chicken Gyoza. Love their ice creams too! I have a Trader Joe's cookbook.

    3. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Arugula pizza.....that sounds amazing. OMG, how could I forgot their Mac & Cheese?! HEAVENLY!!! They have some of the best frozen food out there. Also, if you like Indian food, their Market Fare (SP?) boxed Indian dishes aren't exactly take-out Indian food, but they'll do in a pinch. I love the Jaipur veggies....so good!


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